Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Saudi Arabia to ASsk for 72 F-15 Eagle Fighters Jets

Saudi Arabia's king is due to travel to Washington to meet Barack Obama, the US president, to discuss Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking, the nuclear standoff with Iran, and economic co-operation.The two sides could also agree on arms deals to build Riyadh's defensive capabilities against Iran's threat, including a long-pending request for as many as 72 F-15 Eagle tactical fighters, according to defense industry sources.


This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Saudi Arabia are good in defense purchase, 72nos F-15 eagle good volume .

This blog is owned by a Pakistani. He deletes all comments that are uncomfortable to pakistan and leaves the comments which are anti india in place. Even if it is pakistanis abusing india in very bad language, the blog owner has no problems in letting those posts intact.
The blog owner is violating the terms of usage and a complain has been made.

Why did saudia order 72 F-15s?

All the saudi and pakistani pilots who fly the F-15s will meet their 72s


pakistani pilots flying F15??????
since when!!!

tera baap, seems like you are still looking for your baap. I must apologise that we paks did lots of bad things over the centuries to your people. if you read the history, the soldiers would kill all the hindu men and have their way with their women for months on end. i can understand your hatred, all i ask is for forgiveness.

Aurangzeb, are you sure that you are not the descedant of those soldiers and hindu women,those bad things happened to more often to the people living in easteren part of great India where you are living right now. Because you forefatheres were not capable to protect hinduism and that is why you are muslim.Do not say that you people were muslim from the begining. Except arab, all are converted muslims, your forefatheres never knew about muslim and now feeling proud about
being muslim.

These pakistanis are muslim because their great great grandmothers were raped by Mohammad Bin Qasim and his gang.
Such is the idealogical dhimmitude of these idiots, that they aspire to be arabs! Instead of resisting the invaders who invaded and raped their land and women, they have prostrated before the invader so much so that they want to be arabs just like the invader.

Talk about Stockholm syndrome. Or shall we say "Pakistan Syndrome"?

no i dont think this asian defence guy is a pakistani as far as i can judge he is chinese and he favours pakistan but i think he should have an independent thought and not take sides

This is a great blog. The updates are good. However seems like the coverage is only about items already in news more like a feed aggregator.

actually boys you would find that at the time of iqbal bin qasin....most of sind was buddist and not hindu....that is why he was able to recruit jats into his regument to fight the hindus.....and even today the sikh jats claim the ancestry from the west...i.e.pakistan, afghistan, central asia ratherthen indian heritage....that should tell you something...also don't forget what is pakistan tooday was only needed to convert the chief and everyone else joined in...this was a poor area with lower population...each conquerer offered these guys loot and hindu women to join them and fight against the hindus....guess what they joined in drives...undar

united arab emirates f-16 are being

flown by paki pilots regularly and

casually, we know how to fly eagles

too and how to use them agianst our

enemies left ad right,

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