Sunday, November 14, 2010

IAI to adapt G550 for maritime surveillance role

Israel Aerospace Industries is offering a modified version of its Gulfstream G550-based conformal airborne early warning (CAEW) aircraft that has the capability to detect targets at sea and near shores.Currently used by the air forces of Israel and Singapore, the AEW-adapted G550 business jet carries a conformal dual-band active electronically scanned array radar. It also features an identification friend or foe system, electronic support measures and an integrated self-protection system, plus communications equipment designed to support network-centric operations.


dear asian defense...
long time.........
buddy just wanted to ask u why is this article tagged to china and Pakistan????? where as it should be isreal

Nice stuff and a nice price. Might be a lot safer and less costly to purchase the US P-3s or the new P-8.

I would not recommend that the IAF adopt this platform or system. It may be better to consider a US or EU based platform that is proven and have the correct logistics and support mechanisms. The IAF needs a system that it can deploy ASAP.

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