Sunday, December 27, 2009

How the United States Lost the Naval War of 2015

Abstract: Years of strategic missteps in oceans policy, naval strategy and a force structure in decline set the stage for U.S. defeat at sea in 2015. After decades of double-digit budget increases, the People’s Liberation Army (Navy) was operating some of the most impressive systems in the world, including a medium-range ballistic missile that could hit a moving aircraft carrier and a super-quiet diesel electric submarine that was stealthier than U.S. nuclear submarines.

Coupling this new asymmetric naval force to visionary maritime strategy and oceans policy, China ensured that all elements of national power promoted its goal of dominating the East China Sea. The United States, in contrast, had a declining naval force structured around 10 aircraft carriers spread thinly throughout the globe. With a maritime strategy focused on lowerorder partnerships,and anational oceans policy that devaluedstrategic interests in freedom of navigation, the stage was set for defeat at sea.

This article recounts how China destroyed the USS George Washington in the East China Sea in 2015. The political fallout from the disaster ended 75 years of U.S. dominance in the Pacific Ocean and cemented China’s position as the Asian hegemon.


Lot of assumptions but still very interesting perspective

Don't worry. India will protect Americans.

An interesting scenario. But you never know how many surprises advanced navies may have hidden under their sleeves.

Yes, Indians can offer to protect Americans with their borrowed, stolen, and bought weapon systems. How silly.

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Stupid, balistic missile launching are detectable, carriers are protected by Aegis cruiser, if Panama would close US woud open it so, and........ if America woud lose carier in combat wil build another 5 and enbark on a military and technoligical expansion so large that China's military woud seem like a small medieval force

China is a joke ! Their 3rd grade Navy, and reverse engineered tech is no threat to the Americans.

IF China was actually a threat to American interests, the Yanks would remove all investment from China and let their 3rd country become 4th world, while they also find anyreason to not Pay back the treasury bonds China holds.

The U.S and Nato would economically rape China into oblivion.

Chinas a joke. Always was, and always will be. Be more worried about the dishartened Japs. They got way more money to spend, and it seems their policy will make a 180 degree turn after the new years

I wouldn't bet my dime on China winning against America. Just remember,Chins holds trillions of American dollars. America can literally bankrupt Chinese my defaulting on that debt. America is not "sleeping" to future Chinese threat. When it comes to technological "feats", Chinese can only look forward to stealing from America.Apart from Spicy Peking duck and Curry Chau-men, nothing original technology has ever come from China.Even here the "spicy" and "curry" was stolen from Hindustan. The "brains" are here in America and not in Peking.

its a big joke that china would defeat usn in 2015 ,and a more bigger joke that india would 'protect' usn.the author of this story, what has he been drinking.

Haven't I read it somewhere that an attack on a US a/c constitutes an attack on mainland US and that it justifies an American nuclear strike?

How does that get incorporated into the scheme of things painted by the author?

What do the Chinese stand to gain by sinking an US a/c? Much easier to deny access to USN by positioning Chinese naval and air assets on interception courses.

This is nothing but a shoddy and ill conceived attempt at giving a wake up call to makers of American policy. Perhaps this article was sponsored by some defense contractors who see their bottom lines sinking! If so, they have wasted their money!

Neither China nor the US would ever risk a nuclear engagement. There are numerous options available to China to ensure its sovereignty without risking war.

Yes it is a fact that US dominance world wide is diminishing and will diminish further. It is a normal evolutionary process. It is not only that the US is getting weaker but others are getting stronger as well. A new world order will eventually emerge. China will have a pre-eminent role to play but will never wield the absolute power that the US once did. Others like Russia, France, India, Brazil will also stand up and be counted.


india will protect americans

makes me laugh loudly, china is

developing fast but way behind

america, time will tell

Why has Asian Defence started posting nonsense? "Asian Defence" should review it publication guidlines and determine what kind of site/magazine it wants to be know as/for.

there is no way and let me tell u the right time for china to go to war with the US...... but let me tell u some people charge china by saying they do reverse engineering... for me its a good policy..... they dont work hard they work smart!!!! and they dont spend money in reinventing the wheel like the country to its south.......
i believe war will have to wait for about 5 decades!!!!!

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