Wednesday, September 9, 2009


India needs to spend money on social sectors such as education, health, and homes. Need to take care of millions of homeless people who have been living on sidewalks in all Indian cities for generations. It is true that Indian universities are producing hundreds of PhDs every year, but do not forget about millions other kids not going to school at all due to the widespread poverty. Indian politicians are probably among the worst in the world who are busy making commission on deals to buy/develop weapon systems. If shanty could prevail, Indian government could spare billions of $$$ to be spent for the betterment of its masses. Security can not come through only H or N bombs. It comes through peace and prosperity.

It's easy for the author and anonymous to sit in their lofty ivory tower in the States or Europe and preach peace to India, when in fact, India is situated in the most dangerous places of all time. With the Chinese incursions taking place in the North and Northeast, and Pakistan conducting asymmetrical warfare (through its terrorists proxy) in the west, what good would it be for India to spend all its money on education, health and homes without wielding a stick such as a H-Bomb to ward off China and Pakistan and its proxies. I doubt if an American or a European would sit idle in their schools, hospitals and bed, if the terrorists or Russia for that matter, come knocking on their door with nuclear warheads. But then again, Americans did train Al-Qaeda in the 80s - so I'm not holding my breath they would 'change' much, even if Obama's in the Office. Therefore, I would suggest the author (who probably was born in the West and have not set his foot in India) and Anonymous to a least visit India and talk to the Indians, before 'preaching' to them on how to live their lives. Otherwise, it would be best if both of these idiots just shut-up and confine their world views to their bedrooms.

Spending billions of dollars non-stop over the decades on purchasing weapon systems while a majority of Indian people is poverty-stricken makes little sense to any sane person. It is a lame excuse that India is located in a dangerous environment surrounded by adversaries and enemies. That is indicative of the fact that something is seriously wrong with the Indian foreign policy. Every country creates an environment, friendly or hostile, by its own policies towards its neighbors. Indians have achieved nothing by pursuing hostile regional policies even after spending hundreds of billions of dollars on weapons of mass destructions and decades of wasted time and effort. I think Indians are as much, if not more, insecure at present as they were three decades back. I cannot believe that Indians are incapable of seeing the merits of changing their traditional hostile policies. But, I think, the false belief of them being a regional power, thus having an automatic right of being hegemonic, is too tempting to think otherwise. One can only hope that India mends its fences with its neighbors to let its own people to live a life of peace and satisfaction. Currently the vast majority of Indians is living a miserable life far below the sub-Saharan poverty level.

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