Thursday, September 10, 2009

Terrex ICV - Raising Singapore Army's Infantry Fighting Capabilities

The Infantry has a new addition to its arsenal - introducing the versatile, cutting-edge 8 x 8 wheeled Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV). This locally designed armoured vehicle was officially rolled out and unveiled by Chief of Army, MG Neo Kian Hong on 21 August at the 5th Anniversary of 9th Singapore Division/HQ Infantry (9 DIV/INF) at Selarang Camp. On 3 September, it was launched by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Teo Chee Hean at the Army Open House.

The Terrex ICV will contribute to the potency of our 3rd Generation fighting force. At the roll-out ceremony, COL Lim Hock Yu, Commander of 9 DIV/INF explained, "The Terrex ICV will allow the Infantry to operationalise the new Infantry fighting capabilities to meet the challenges in the future complex operational environment. It will enable our Infantry forces to fight as a mobile, networked force and be a potent and highly survivable force in the 3rd Generation Army."

The Terrex ICV will greatly raise the combat effectiveness of the infantry forces through its enhanced capabilities in networking, protection, mobility and firepower. With its on board Battlefield Management System (BMS), it can connect with other land and air platforms such as the Leopard Main Battle Tanks and Apache Attack Helicopters. It can also network with soldiers equipped with the Advanced Combat Man System (ACMS).

Enhanced protection is achieved through a modular protection system, which can be fortified with add-on protection suite to provide all-round protection against conventional threats. The Terrex ICV is also designed to withstand mine blasts. To support infantry forces, it has a Weapon Detection System (WDS) to detect and locate enemy fire, and a fully stabilised Remote Controlled Weapon System (RCWS).


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