Wednesday, September 16, 2009

US authorities impounded the Ukrainian IL78 for Pakistan

The US, far from the public perception and official claims of supplying Pakistan with substantive military hardware, is actually impeding Pakistan’s efforts to upgrade its capabilities. According to inside sources, only recently, the PAF, which has an agreement with Ukraine for the purchase of air to air refuellers, asked Ukraine to send a trainee plane so that the PAF personnel could familiarise themselves with the systems that were expected later. The Ukraine agreed to send the required aircraft which happened to be in the US. However, before it could fly to Pakistan, the US authorities on learning of its destination, impounded the plane. Earlier, the US had tried unsuccessfully to block the deal itself.


This is the reason that extreame haterd for US @ its allies is found not only in Pakistan but most of the muslim world.America is a power which is diminishing and due to its outdated tactics more disgrace and dishonour is being bougt for America.Only today Nato oil tankers were torched oan a highway in Pakistan This should also be recorded that in a tight corner Indians will run out first than the Americans when the walls will be falling on them in Af-Pak

America has always betrayed pakistan. Pakistan joined american club right after independence. Pakistan was founding member of SEATO and CENTO. PAkistan Harboured US air base in peshawar from where americans used to spy on soviet union ( famous U2 incident. The U2 flew from peshawar which was shpt dowened by soviets) and soviets threaten pakistan of nuclear annihilation in response. Then Pakistan fought war against soviets in Afghanistan. Now since 2001 again Pakistan is the country which has cooperated most with US in war against terror and lost over 4,000 service men. But US in response gave pakistan Embargoes, Sanctions, Betrayal, and confiscated Pakistan's F-16 for which pakistan already paid 500 million dollars. This is the real face of Americans. Wolf in human clothing

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