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Umm Asian Defence, I'm not sure if I may make a request like so, but I'm wondering if posts that are made could be less political (or controversial).
This is a military blog, and your work in gathering various news articles is admirable but I think some articles (like this one) should be omitted. From a military blog at lest.

I would disagree with Eric Z. It is important to approach these issues holistically. Understanding viewpoints is the most important factor in gauging a country's intentions. This is one of Asia's major flashpoints, it should be followed closely.

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China-India relations seem to be deteriorating by the day...its high time China-India solve this crisis immediately...

China is trying to bully democratic India. Time has changed. It is not like 1962. India is strong enough now to face the bullying by Chinese. A firm stand and appropriate response by India is what is needed.

This article shows the real worth of Indians. While they are reckless murderers for Kashmiri Muslims, mean and cheap masters for Dalits, intolerant oppressors for other minorities in India, they are a helpless pygmy in front of their stronger neighbors, Chinese. I did not know that China had so much humiliated Indians that they were more than willingly gave sanctity to the so-called LAC even though, they thought, they were the victim in the conflict. That is a good excuse to get pipped down even if their border patrol soldiers were gruesomely killed and tied to the horse tails for humiliation. Isn’t that enough to understand the cheap and hapless Hindu mentality?

Kaldeep ridicules Chinese claim on Arunachal Pradesh by claiming that Arunachal Pradesh is an integral part of India and that New Delhi has made it clear more than once. So what? Silly Indian claim does mean nothing. Arunachal Pradesh is South Tibet and is an integral part of China as Beijing has made it clear more than once. Indians seem to have hearing problems too.

By issuing visas to Kashmiri people on a separate sheet, the Chinese are merely acknowledging the disputed status of Kashmir. It is surely not a childish prank as the author is labeling it. Rather, it is a formal recognition of the globally recognized disputed status of J&K and demonstration of the fact that Kashmir is not an integral part of India. Why don’t the Indians simply pip themselves down on this prank?

With the largest pool of poor living below the sub-Saharan poverty line, the author claims that India is an emerging economic giant and does not spend enough on its military. He compares China with India by calling Chinese system as authoritarianism and India as a (sham) democracy with live and let live philosophy. That is like an attempted whitewash for a bloody crook animal. One must ask, I think, to Indians what kind of live and let live philosophy do they follow. Humanity, within India and outside of it, has been the biggest victim of the exploitations and aggressions by Hindus. In India, masses are brutally killed within hours by the majority Hindu rioters, whole cars of trains, fully packed with passengers, are burnt mercilessly, and places of worship of the minorities are razed, burned, and destroyed with the tacit support and backing of highest echelons of Hindu government and without any legal prosecution for the criminals. One can expose the dirty side of this Indian philosophy simply by listening to the people of any and all neighbor countries of India. Indians have serious disputes with all their neighbors and they have turned people’s life in these countries into a misery and insecurity through the use of terrorism. That is how the Indian philosophy of live and let live for others. One can hope that sanity will finally prevail in India and Indians will follow the live and let live philosophy. But the world has changed and Indians can not fool around with lies and double speak.

TO Eric Z ,, military and politics run side by side ,, if there were no politicians there wouldnt have been missiles or spy satellites, so i guess Asian Defence is doing a great job by gathering information of how the political scenarios are effecting the military advances countries are making. nice job AsianDefence, thumbs up, cheers :)

@ Anonymous, 6:34 pm..

True, politics do have to do with defence matters. But on this subject at least, or at least this article is very controversial. And the article itself is quite flipping biased.

I'm basically wondering if such blatantly aggressive articles are suitable for a defence blog.

India need not authorize Tibet is a part of China,it has been illegally captured by china . now Tibetans are homeless, the real owners are out of the country . Tibet & Tibetans need peaceful life. so china should go away from others property.

To Eric Z
Well thats funny, you used the word "aggressive" i question you, if a country produces missiles you wont see that as aggression instead you would say thats defense related? right! this is where i question you again. what is the cause that leads a country to produce those missiles??? So to justify the production of those harmful missiles you have to present the controversies and aggressive articles. For instance, creating a fear of china in indian hearts leads the indian politicians to shake hands with super powers to equip them with latest toys. now the indian politicians can state that we let thousands of innocent children and women rot and get eaten by rats because we saw china coming!!! There are numerous examples, usa and ussr, pakistan and india, india and china, india and bangladesh, india and sri lanka, go back to WW1 and WW2,, hence my point is that these articles are useful for us to see where things are heading in what direction, and what is india or china thinking right now.. cheers :)

@ NJS, I think it's a bit rich to say that it has been illegally captured by China.
Because in that case all white Americans, Canadians, should go back to Europe as well as the ones from Australia and New Zealand etc.

You can hardly just say it was "illegally" captured, after the civil war China went to great lengths to reclaim it's traditional territory so their action was not unjustified (or at least it can't be compared to an imperialist or expansianist country too blatantly.

NJS, basically the fact is that this "property" is DISPUTED. Therefore you can't just say "oh they should piss off". I hope you see where I'm coming from.

@ Anon, 8:56..
If country A produces missiles, and then you give numbers, dates, information about the missiles produced taht would be defense related. But if an article from country B writes an aggressive and biased article about how country A shouldn't be producing missiles and how it's a threat to the world or whatever then I certainly don't consider that to be defense related or even useful.

Either way I won't be replying on this article at least, it seems my request has been ignored. Oh well.

Everyone know that India was rules by the British East India Company with the help of just 10,000 British troops!

India an emerging economic power?
Its GDP is behind Australia and certainly behind Brazil.

The only thing that they beat China is population Growth. All these talk about them catching up with China is sheer rubbish.

To catch-up, you need to run faster. China is leaving India in the dust.
semm lilke the Yank has filled the Indian with blown-up expectation and India cannot tell reality from Fantasy.

Mark my words, Brazil will outrank India anytime.

China should realize , tibet is not belongs to them .It has been illegally / forcefuly occupied by them .
If china has the right to have Hong Kong from UK.the same right is their for to getting back Tibet for Tibetans .

China and pakistan are both planning to destroy india, because china is jealous of indias economy and wants the power in indian ocean. China is playing a mind game, intelligently by making india's neighbour going against india and setting up his own points or port in such vital area to make a note on india's defence position. Its the time that we indians should stand by our armed forces and not behind our politician, who are hectic people still fighting with each other.

China and pakistan are both planning to destroy india, because china is jealous of indias economy and wants the power in indian ocean. China is playing

My Goodness, you Indian really believe that we Chinese are jealous of India Economy.

Read the news, my friend. India economy is still very much in the rug. It cannot even complete the Commonwealth facilty on time. What hope you Indians have, if you were to host the Olympic....hopeless.

And Mumbai is no Indian shanghai either.

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