Tuesday, October 13, 2009

China offers Pakistan high-tech to counter terrorism

Chinese President Hu Jintao has advised Pakistan to review its security policy and offered his country’s complete support in the endeavour.

Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, who met the Chinese president at the Great Hall of the People here on Tuesday, described the outcome of the talks as a way forward in the multi-faceted friendship. He said that matters relating to cooperation in defence, economy and counter-terrorism were discussed and there was unanimity on most of the issues.

He is understood to have briefed the Chinese president on the current security environment and the government’s endeavour to root out terrorism and extremism. Earlier in the day, Premier Gilani met leaders of China’s defence production industries and called for greater cooperation for building the capacity of Pakistan’s security forces that have rendered enormous sacrifices while combating terrorism.

’We are fighting this war not only for our security but for world peace.’ He said that Pakistan and China needed to boost cooperation in defence production and referred to joint ventures in ship building and aircraft manufacturing.

He expressed the desire for cooperation in advanced versions of AWACS for enhancing Pakistan’s airborne defence capability. Chen Qiufa, Administrator of China’s State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence who led a delegation of China’s defence-related companies at the meeting, said that China fully supported Pakistan’s efforts in the war against terror.

He said that China would provide equipment and related assistance to enable Pakistan’s security forces to combat terrorism effectively. Gilani said Pakistan was interested in producing defence-related equipment and setting up overhauling facilities, and invited the Chinese companies to undertake joint ventures. Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir said the meeting reviewed the progress of ongoing defence-related projects.

He said Pakistan had close and extensive partnership with China in defence, space technology and peaceful cooperation in nuclear field. He said the Chinese government wanted to make Pakistan self-reliant in defence, adding that the meeting also discussed progress of cooperation in production of JF-17 Thunder project, Al Khalid tank, F-22 frigates, Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS), aircraft and naval ships.

The companies represented in the delegation included China’s Poly Technologies, a defence manufacturing company dealing with missile technology, Aviation Industries Corporation of China, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China Electronics Technology Group and China North Industry Corporation.

According to senior journalist Hanif Khalid, currently in Beijing, foreign secretary Salman Bashir and federal secretary information told journalists that both the countries have decided to boost cooperation in defence sector. China will manufacture satellite Pak Sat -1R for Pakistan and its ground station will be in Lahore.

Premier Gilani laid emphasis on joint ventures in different fields during a meeting with the president of China International Capital Corporation. He proposed the creation of a ‘Pakistan-China Holding Company’ for facilitating financing for Chinese companies intending to invest in Pakistan.

The prime minister called for more investment in hydro-power and infrastructure development projects and said it would go a long way in generating economic activity and creating employment opportunities in Pakistan.

He urged the CICC to consider the possibility of collaboration in banking and financial sectors by setting up consortiums to invest in Pakistan. The CCIP president assured the prime minister of every possible assistance in various sectors and help in overcoming economic challenges.

Gilani also met Wang Jinhua, president of China Coal Technology and Engineering Corporation Group and reviewed progress on Thar coal project. He urged the group to carry forward the project and assured it that the government would remove all impediments in its execution. He said Pakistan was facing a grave energy crisis and expressed the hope that with Chinese technical assistance and expertise, it would be able to overcome the crisis.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Masood Khan said the meeting decided that vice-president of the Chinese coal and engineering group would visit Pakistan next week to finalise arrangements for Thar Coal project. In the evening, speaking at a dinner hosted by Ambassador Masood Khan, the prime minister said that China was Pakistan’s strategic and reliable partner and their relations were not confined to the level of government but had roots among the people of the two countries.

Referring to the Kerry-Lugar bill, he said that consultations had been held with the leadership of different political parties on the issue. He said that Nawaz Sharif would be taken into confidence on his return to the country. Gilani also reiterated his resolve to bring the Balochistan issue in parliament and warned that if this matter was not resolved soon it could cause a serious crisis in the country.


I wonder if that includes UAV-systems, since thats what Pakistan seems to need most. Then again China does not have anything equal to the MQ-9 or even the MQ-1. Still it could offer some support, I guess.

Chinese do have UAVs like BZK-005 MALE (medium-altitude, long-endurance) UAV system which are some what equall to the RQ-1 Predator but can they carry weapons like MQ-1A armed Predators is difficult to say at this point in time. in different defence exibations they have shown the pictures of different armed UAVs including that of BZK-005

BZK-005 UAV in service with PLA

Some specifications: cruising speed 150-180km/hr, service ceiling 8,000m, endurance 40hr, max TO weight <1,250kg,>150kg, TO distance <600m,>

Pakistan is working on its own Predator-like unmanned aerial vehicle to undertake the same mission. Turkey and Pakistan has an agreement to cooperate on TIHA UAV development in class of Predator

Pakistan reported developing armed UAV

Yeah, I am familiar with the BZK-005. But as you wrote, it seems to be a recce-only system at this point in time. I dont doubt that it could be armed, but it remains an improvisation and not a more dedicated multirole system such as the MQ-1C Warrior, let alone the Reaper.

As far as Pakistans own effort is concerned, I guess we have to wait until some solid specs are published. The need to have something in the Predator-range is certainly there.

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