Friday, October 2, 2009

Russia's Navy expects to buy a new carrier-based fighter MiG-29K for the "Admiral Kuznetsov"

Russia's Navy expects to buy a new carrier-based fighter MiG-29K for a single heavy aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov ". According to the newspaperBulletin"Reports said an informed source in the Defense Ministry of Russia, noting that the contract may be concluded in the next two years. Information was confirmed by the general designer of one of the defense enterprises, which produces aggregates for these aircraft, while the MiG corporation refrained from comment.

As the publishing analyst at the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, Konstantin Makiyenko, the deal makes the fact that the planes were designed for India order under the contract for the sale of the country's aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya", which is composed of Russia's Navy has been known as the "Admiral Gorshkov. India has paid 730 million dollars for the development and delivery of 16 fighters, while 24 planes for Russia's fleet would cost about $ 1 billion.

Currently, according to a companion publication to the Ministry of Defense, the Navy has a fleet of 19 carrier-based fighters Su-33, a resource which will expire by 2015. This production of new Su-33 is possible but not cost-effective for small volumes. At the same time, the MiG-29K in this respect are more convenient, because the Indians have already ordered 16 aircraft and plans to buy at least 28 planes. As noted Konstantin Makienko, it cheapens the series and allows to save on development.

Carrier-based fighter MiG-29K are multirole fighter generation "4 + +" and may be based on aircraft carriers with a displacement of 28 000 tonnes. They feature an improved glider with a share of composite materials, folding wings, low visibility, increased fuel capacity and other properties. Maximum takeoff weight of MiG-29K is 24500 kg, max speed - 2200 miles per hour, service ceiling - 17,500 feet.


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