Friday, October 9, 2009

Ufa Engine Industrial Association will deliver about 100 aircraft engines for the Su-35 Air Force Russia

JSC "Ufa Engine Industrial Association" (UMPO) entered into a contract with "Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association" (Knaapo) to supply engines AL-41F-1C for the latest multi-role fighters Su-35C, the report said OPK Oboronprom, comprising UMPO.

These engines are designed for installation on the aircraft SU-35C, supplied by Russia's air force. Until 2015 UMPO manufacture 96 such engines, with the first batch will be shipped in 2010

For the first time in Russia's military aircraft in Su-35C received engines with thrust vector control.To date, rotating jet, which provides this feature are only installed on engines that are supplied for export.

AL-41F-1C is an aircraft turbofan engines with thrust vector control 4 + + generation. It is being developed in cooperation UMPO and Saturn on the order of the OKB Sukhoi.

Currently UMPO begun to assemble the final layout engine in development works.

Earlier it was reported that in August, during the MAKS-2009, the Defense Ministry signed contracts with OAO Sukhoi Company for the supply of 48 Su-35C, 12 Su-27SM and 4 Su-30m2.

The total value of contracts exceeds 80 billion rubles.Deliveries must be implemented before 2015


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