Friday, October 2, 2009

US confusion on Harpoon missile clarified: Naval Chief

The Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Noman Bashir, has made it very clear that Pakistan fully honours its international obligations, agreements and contracts.“We do not violate these as this was our policy and principle in the past as is very much so today”, he said while replying to a question after the inaugural session of a conference held at a local hotel on Monday.A reporter had asked about the American concerns regarding the alleged up gradation of naval anti-ship missiles.The Naval Chief said that there was some misunderstanding regarding this which we have clarified.“There was no such thing”, he remarked adding,”We honour our international obligations, contracts and do not violate these as this has been our principle”.Admiral Noman Bashir said that misunderstandings sometimes are created inadvertently or at time deliberately.“These have now been clarified and now there is no such issue”, he added.


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