Friday, June 18, 2010


China is not do this nuclear deal with Pakistan.

If it does manage to push this deal through, China will be sanctioned hard by the NSG and will ultimately loose alot in the process.

Pakistanis are beggars, I doubt they can even pay cash for these reactors.

They are most likely on Law-away deals, as Pakistan is currently bankrupt and has $15Billion only in its Forex Reserves.

Even by Protituting its civilians for target practice for U.S predator drones, the Pakistanis are still near bankruptcy.

Shows how much the lives of Pakistani civilians are worth.

No one cared about Indian moanings before and no one will ever in future either. While Indians try to get all sorts of imported systems and technologies, they become cry babies as soon as Pakistan cooperates/collaborates with any other friendly country. That is due to the hidden fear in Hindu psyche. Indians will not get a single plant even in a decade to come under the much trumpeted civil nuclear deal. Pakistan is already getting plants from China under friendly cooperation. Both Pakistan and Chine are free countries, no one has a right to tell them what to do. China is an emerging super power. It is no more an exclusive right of USA to pull the strings all alone at the global stage. The cooperation with Pakistan is a matter of prestige and dignity for Chinese people. They have to show the world that they are the ones who bailed out US economy and they have the power and clout to drive their own moves at the global stage. BTW, India is no where on that horizon at all.

Anon at 6:54 and I Quote said:

Indians will not get a single plant even in a decade to come under the much trumpeted civil nuclear deal. Pakistan is already getting plants from China under friendly cooperation.

Over 25 Plants are already under contstruction.

Another 30 Plants will be built in the next 10 years.

Russia alone is building 12 Nuclear Plants in India.

Each Nuclear Park in India will have 4 to 6 Plants.

Get real stinky Paki.

Indias are already ahead of your bankrupt nation

Contracts worth 60$ Billion have already been placed.

Pakis are beggars

Don't forget Indian Thorium reactors which are almost developed and ready for use, while also Indian Firms making their own reactors.

Pakis are dumb. They don't even realize that 18 rectors In India are already indegenous.

All fast - breeders are Indian.

We don't beg like Paki Prostitutes

message from Pakistan
So u do not worried abt us......
nuclear deal with china are same as india did with America
so nothing difference.........

Tushar, I didn't know slumdogs make up figures too. You may actually crossbreed with fox. You better pull out, well in fact your father should have pulled out. But he decided to bring a piece of shit to add to already 800 millions.

Please, if you think my figures are false, do some googling.

Currently India is operating 25 nuclear reactors.

24 out of 25 of those reactors are indigenous. Built by Indians, for Indians, using technology absorbed or developed by Indians.

Now about the reactors and those figures.


President Putin on March 12th, on his final day in India finalized and singed the agreement to build 12 Nuclear Plants in India. Six will be built in Kudankulam and six in Haripur in West Bengal.

All to be completed in 4-6 years.

Theres the Link.


According to, Each russian Stage 21200 MWe AES-2006 versions Kundankulum reactors are woth 2 Billion dollars a PoP.

Already 4 reactors are working, another order for another 8 was given in 2007.

Together already 20 reactors are to be built by 2020.

Now don't forget the contracts ready to be given to South Korea, Japan, France, Canada, and ofcourse the U.S of A which has already reserved 2 nuclear Park sites in India.

Each of the Nuclear Park Sites that the U.S has reserved will house 4 reactors minimum, and cost more than the Russian reactors.

Don't also forget the orders given to Indian Companies under the supervision of BARC and NSG to build more indegenous reactors side by side with the foreign ones.

But a Inbred Paki like you won't be able to absorb this information, since you were educated in a Madrassa in your shithole islamic nation that has a literacy rate of 30% Percent.

Come on slumdog, India begging all over the world but getting only the junk. Any power plant that needs to be rooted out is sent to slumdogs. People get klled but money making thugs don't care. They call it strategic partnership. A partnership to kill the slumdogs. Good deal.

you truly are retarded.

Journeyman pictures along with Insight news have just shown that Pakistan has the highest number of microsephallics.

Basically, Pakis are born as rats.

You guys are filthy, dumb, inbred, and bankrupt

your nation is being bombed by a Christian nation, dispite the fact that your nation has nukes.

Pakis continue to begg the Americans for some refurbished weapons systems.

You guys are the only beggars in Asia.

Even Pusthuns and Baloch dislike the smell of Paki Salwars. Bahahaha

Paki Phudi has ran away in his salway kameez because he is too stupid to comprehend his ass beating.

Paki muslims are dirty. They think begging is actually buying, and buying is actually begging.

Prime example, look at this Phuddi Paki. He calls India a beggar, when Indians are spending billions of hard earned money on arms and technology.

While this Phuddi Microsephallic Paki is begging the Americans and Europeans for everything, from bullet proof vests and currently Pakistan has dropped soo low, they are even asking the Americans for first class tickets to Jannah VIA hellfire missles.

Americans supply the ass beatings for free, but for weapons, they fuck Paki mothers and sisters LOL



Haaa haaa haaa Poor low life coward Indians.
Its not their fault, basically India is a nation of cowards which have been screwed by foreigners for centries.
Coward Hindo

Every year Pakistan is paying $1.5 billion more to india in their bilateral trade. I think pakistan should stop all trade with india and let poor low life indian sleep on the streets and die with hunger.
Poor low life slumdogs beggar Hindoes.

Bloody hindu tushar after completing those 24 indigeneous reactors ask your scientists and engineers to help you build a CRUISE MISSILE,ANTITANK MISSILE,CORNERSHOT WEAPON and GOOD TANK so your army wouldn't import 1000 T-90s and after all help you complete LCA it will save about 20 billion$ so the money can be spent on slumdogs and some new reactors can also be built.

Tusher well said keep going we are with you china doing per year 50 billion business with us if china going ahead of this deal with Pakistan he loose our ties

Before calling coward to HIndu, you paki should not forget that your ancestor were Hindu, they were coward and surrendered to muslim invaders.

my ancesters were never cowards...look at the history of the region. Cowards were always east of the sutlej river...this is a fact.

Tushar Well said.....based on your findings of "paki-microsephallics", now i understood why zaidi reacts so flithy, he is an iron mongler and disgusting madarssa-american raped breed.

Tushar coward jal gaye tushar ki...

Which ties? Chinese can not care least about the filthy Hindus. These cowards are hosting and using Dalai Lama against China. THey called China their No. 1 enemy. How these cowad silly hindus can expect China reduce strategic relations with Pakstan for pleasing these mean filthy Indian monkeys.

@ chada singh

your ancestors were not coward then i think this is the proof....

Instrument of Surrender(1971)

90,000 pak soldiers surrendered to indian can also find video in you tube to see your cowrd flithy ancestors my dear....

something is burning.....may be ur ASSsss

Tushar thanks for the useful posting....

1. Your(Porkistan) land was the first to be conquered, Raped, and looted. Thus Pakis are whores who have adpoted/stolen culture from everyone around them.

2. Even the Iranian Revilutionary Guard has started enroaching into Paki Territory to destroy Jundullah Terror Camps.( and they have also some sort of dignity by not allowing americans to use/attack there 1 inch of land)

3. Pakis are pathetic loose. The Buddhist, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Christians and Jews all have one thing in Common. We fucking hate, Inbred Microsephallic Pakis. ( I agreed to this comment)

4. Also your Prophet was a Paedophile.

The Sahil Bukhari Volume 1 - Verse 234 Openely Claims Muhammad married a 6 year old Baby Infant girl named Ayesha.

Filthy Filthy Filthy. Disgusting Pussy Pakis

And i like to add some....

Those dirty porkis inbred from heeramandi madarsas....have flithy and disgusting laws to rape their own womens/mothers....called "HUDOOD Ordinance/Laws" (It allows them to rape their own womens..)

More over they can even kill them on characteral/moral grounds...known as "KAR FIR" helped pak men to kill them.

Even a raped woman/victim find it to difficult to register a rape case against criminals, if failed to prove then an adultery case will be registered against the victims...and

Thus most of the women sucide or join heeramandi(Biggest Red light Area in ASIA) to breed more of those camel pissing porki bastards, to rape their own womens and to bomb their own country...

zaidi72, you ignorant twat, india gave a 5 billion$ order to its local missiles and makes more of its local design, all meant to kill you two bit coward convert SOBs

While our forefathers remained true to our fate, your mothers and grandmothers spread their legs while your men got castrated and served as harem guards

You worthless fucks are half breed wannabe Arabs, a loser nation that was never worth much, but a condom used by real muslims from other countries. Today, you still are low class Pakis which real muslim nations laugh at

today porkis are spreading their legs for china
each time china leader visits pakistan he takes 4 5 paki girls daughters of ur punjabi muslims and has his way while u beggar punjabis, the slaves that u are, say, hope u had a good time mr li, please give us bukshis

The plagued hindus slumdogs are barking all over. These bloody cowars are belittling Pakistanis. My question to these monkeys is how a country that is 10 times smaller than India is fucking you all for last 60 years. How an army of coward hindu monkeys that is six times larger than Pak army could not attack Pakistan even after bring all these 1.23 million monkeys to the Pak borders. Why that herd of more than a billion hindu animals living in India could not achieve their goal of undoing the partition and rape of their mother India? Why? Come on slumdogs, stop barking and face the reality. These filthy hindus are in fact dirty slumdogs but act more like pigs. After eating a lots of shit, they keep running around ruining the sorroundings. Shame on you maleech plagued filthy hindus.

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