Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pakistan hikes defence spending by 17%

Pakistan has increase its defence spending by 17 per cent to $5.18 billion (442.2 billion rupees) for the 2010/11 fiscal year (July-June). Pakistani government has projected to increase its total tax revenue to 1.78 trillion rupees form 1.48 trillion rupees in the year ending June 30, 2010.


Insurgencies stricken India needs not worry about the defense budget hike in Pakistan. Home to many hundreds of millions of poverty stricken slumdogs, India needs to spend the most for the betterment of its unfortunate people rather than spending huge amounts on procuring advanced weapons. That will certainly help India’s neighbors too to pay more attention on social sectors.

India has tried to undo the creation of Pakistan since the very time of partition in 1947. They attacked J&K in 1948 under the garb of a fake (actually non-existent) document of accession. Later they cowardly attacked Lahore with plans to have drinking spree in Lahore Gym. But they only saw the face of failure and tasted a lot of their own blood. They could never reach to even the outskirts of Lahore despite their overwhelming numeric superiority. But an army of monkeys can not really fight a war. Desperate and disappointed Indians then created a terror outfit, called Mukti Bahini, primed to wage a war against Pakistani forces in East Pakistan. Later regular Indian army was also put in naked aggression in East Pakistan without even a declaration of war. This time the terror and aggression won and Pakistan lost its eastern arm. Indians later tried every opportunity to drag their feet in J&K. They would occupy a few strategic mountain tops almost every year when Pakistanis would vacate them during harsh winter. They occupied Siachen in 1984. It is only after Pakistan got a nuclear capability that India was forced to stopped its systematic and continuous aggression in J&K. Later the enemy brought up all its forces several times to the Pak border but the coward monkeys could not muster courage to cross the red line. Still these liar Indians blame Pakistan for aggression three times when it was, in fact, India that has been committing aggression against Pakistan all along their short history as an independent country. It is not just Pakistan, but rather all India’s neighboring countries that have been subject to systematic Indian aggression and blackmail.

ha ha ha nice joke....

allah hu fuck bar...

Asian dfence block this bastard writing bad comments about our god.

So that means these urine drinking filthy Hindus have no logical response to my comment about Indian rouge history. It is always the case that these lowest of the creatures (the pagan Hindus) that they start disgracing themself by insulting others religions. Bowing and worshipping idols and statues is a disgrace for the humanity by itself. Such disgraced filthy animals deliberately indulge in insulting and abusing God (Allah is the name of same the one God that all other divine religions and the Hindu book Geeta) only to hurt others. Shame on these dirty Hindus.

Actually, immature response doesn't have weight .Indian’s should be refer to Dr.Naik that what God in their Geeta.
A 17% defense budget means Pakistan under no circumstances will tolerate Indian aggression to words the Pakistan further more.
It is always saying by Saieen Baba " We will follow you, what you do or where ever you go in counter act against Pakistan.” WE will follow you?
Alas., India is spending lots of capital for immature day dreams. The global economy doesn't stay longer, please learn from USA economy disaster. Get into the sense, Pakistan doesn't need to increase the defense budget, if India doesn’t do it .
Look in short period of time, Pakistan has accomplished the defense chapter closer to Indian. Well within the few years Pakistan will give them more surprises, and Indian has to Increase their budget beyond to their needs.
All countries, who are supplying defense material will make more money.

The two fools falls in love again for blind power.

The bottom line is that they should think seriously for their people welfare as soon as possible.

Khana nahi hai, buch chay nangay ghoom rahay hain aur general sahab motay ho rahay hain.

Defence hike, just what the doctor ordered! Then Pak Army can "dishum dishum" the hindus.

There is no end to hindupak nonsense.

tushar, you are a typical, made and left to rot hindu and this is the only way you know how to talk, cheap and filthy because what you come from shows here.

you should know that this is your reality and no matter how much aman ke asha you play, you will remain a hindu deep down, ugly and dirty.

you and your likens are the reason why you should be be ruled for another 1000 years.

a 1000 years eventually did teach you how to wash your bottoms, hopefully another 1000 years will teach you how to reign in your filthy tongues.

you will be taken over by Pakistan, you are incapable and you are an humiliation to humanity.

You filthy Paki. You were the first to be taken over by invading Turks, Mongols, Afghans, Mughals, Persians, and Iraqis.

Your nation was the gateway to India and was the first to be looted, pillaged and destroyed.

Also the Mughal RUle started in the 1500's and ended in the 1700's.

Mughal + Islamic rule in India didn't last more than 500 Years, Yet Hindu Rule In India lasted over 5000+ years in fully accredited.

Filthy retarded Pakis think Islam ruled in India for 1000 Years when it didn't even hit 500 Years.

Pakis are born retarded. Even your Facts are bias and wrong.

tushar, you look more like a filthy dog barking all the time. What else, BTW, one can really expect from a slumdog?

Yes, you’re right. Indians hate Pakistanis because Indians are hate mongers. It is their nature. A fragmented and oppressive society having exploitive and self-destructive caste system will surely produce hate monger animals like you. There are also other members of the hate mongers club. But the Christians may have reasons to hate us because they feel threatened from Muslims. Urine drinking plagued Indians can not be a threat for them. That’s not all. They are using Hindus for doing dirty work against Muslims and Chinese. They’ll finally throw Hindu dummies away like a used toilet paper. You need to keep doing what a filthy slumdog is supposed to. One day we’ll hit your ass and bring you to the real world.

Must be a nightmare for coward Indian army.

We are expecting right answer that what Indian feels about 17% raise in budgets.The healthy critism could educate both side(Pak& Hind) as well as other countries.

Is Tushar is part of Asian defense team, Is there any other Indian or paki fellow could say a good words.

What is the aims and objective of Asian defense.

I feels voomiting when I reads this site......Yakh

Hindus are so rot headed that the only way they think a nation can be taken over or converted it by spilling blood, killing innocent, stabbing in the back, raping women, killing children and having forced sex and marriages. this shows the demented and twisted thinking of this deranged nation. in its decadence of mind, it cannot even muster an idea of making impressions by high moral values and ethics and of course if challenged fight on equal terms with dignity. this immorality reflects in the very hindu mindset of a crazy nation and how it speaks in every day life. working on the lines of a cheap so called ideologue chankya, this nation believes in waging wars on other smaller countries by molesting its culture with naked hindu women (and so you see hindu girls dancing to the world on stages, naked even when they cant speak or talk), waging cheap wars by use of stopping resources of a nation if and when hindu has the power e.g waters stoppage, supporting insugency and terrorism by pumping monies in other states and other cheap acts of hostility. the indian army only recently acknowledged that it waged a cheap and secret war in pakistan by training and creating a terrorist force called mukti bahni in east pakistan to break it. it also revealed that undercover were indian army officers working in east pakistan years before bharat waged a cheap war on pakistan by stabbing it in the back and creating fake humanity crisis issue. in kashmir, only recently indian army officers and bsf forces have been found to staging fake encounters in efforts to kill kashmiri muslim youth. canada has also termed bsf a terrorist force. in these fake encounters, indian forces have created fake encounters and killed muslims terming them pakistani agents. in recent years, indian army has been found to issue fake pakistani passports to indian nationals and criminals to wage terrorism on pakistan.

bharat is a inefficient incapable country. it runs on a borrowed ideology and system. its decadence and incapibility speaks so much so that it does not even have a system of its own to run its government. there is no choice for bharat to be taken over by muslims for another 1000 years. bharat cannot pull off itself because its not only incapable but also a failure. the state is virtually at edge of civil war. maoists will break it up into 1000 pieces or it will be taken over by pakistan. bharat has a social disconnect of society. in bharat, even dogs have castes. and in a country richer will become more richer and poor more poorer. a nation that does not have enuff toilets for its people cannot sustain. its a superjoke in the making. bharat has no future. its a dead country already, a banana republic. its shambles. its slums, its decadence, its full of crap. for love of humanity, it will come to its own end owing to its own incapaibility. and bharat is so incapable that to cover its ugly failure and past, it has revised a whole world history. imagine this cheapstake saying bharat rules for 5000 years. it has gone so corrupt that according to bharat and hindus, taj mahal was made by some hindu raja. this is the history taught to this dud of a nation in bharat. its so destined to go down forever !

well i dont have to show you guys as you guys can see it for yourself how many pakistani guys are bad mouthing about hindu and how many indian guys are bad mouthing about islam and by the way about this blog topic about paki hiking defence budget we indian dont think about defence hike in pakistan as it is pakistan own issue as they have trouble with insurgencies it is completely understandable that they are hiking their defence budget and by the way india is increasing their budget better because india is some what has better economy then it has before and they are thinking globally rather then pakistan-indian approach and there are real security concern back in our country and i am not telling to show the who is more superior or to hurt pakistani but i live in canada and here i can easily tell that i am an indian and people are cool with me and they dont raise their eyebrow and treat is as a normal guy but i have a friend who is from pakistan and he is a real nice guy but when he introduce himself and tells people that he is from pakistan people really dont treat him very well people here try to avoid him without even knowing him that really makes me sad

israel is enough or you people need many israels...

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