Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pakistan is Seeking AH-1W and Apache-64 D Attack Hhelicopters

Pakistan is seeking advanced U.S. attack helicopters and other weapons as part of a comprehensive arms package to bolster preparations for what its military is calling a "silent surge" of more than 100,000 troops into the mountain lairs of al Qaeda's senior leadership in the country's Northwest Frontier Province.The $2.5 billion in arms that Pakistan has requested includes new helicopter gunships, including AH-1W and the Apache-64-D; armed helicopters, such as the AH-6 and MD-530 Little Bird; and utility and cargo helicopters, such as the UH-60 Black Hawk, the CH-47 D Chinook and the UH-1Y Huey.But the Pakistani wish list also includes equipment that is not traditionally associated with counterinsurgency or mountain warfare. The Pakistanis are also requesting M1A1 tanks and M113A3 armored personnel carriers, as well as air-defense missiles, such as the Stinger, the Javelin and the Hawk.
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These are must for the fight against the furiost and cruel terrorists hidden in the most tough and rough terain of the world otherwise it is impossible to beat them.

s foreign minister said today "if america has supplied the equipment we asked earlier the operation will not be as difficult and the casualties would be less".and after using it against terrorists we will use it for our nations defence.

Why would Pakistan go for M1 tanks?? armored perspective, we are sufficient...M1's are of no use to us

mikey only an idiot like u can say this as begging!!!!! firstly u wouldnt say begging for israel cause they are ur fuckers!!!! they also get the same aide!!!! give me one word in the articla were it is said pakistan is begging for aide!!!! America gives us aide to help themselves!!!!
secondaly!!!WE BUY and produce bt neva begged
hahahahahahaahah u bhindians motherfuckers!!! what did u make ARJUNK or LCA( last chance aircraft) or nuclear bomb with no desired results!!!! LCA made to replace MiG 21 now u r replceing by MMRCA !!! underming ur own project i see!!!! MMRCA a bigger blunders in purchase!!!! mrca is medium range combat aircraft!!! what are bloody double engine aircrafts doing in that race!!! what a purchase!!!!
sunny first try to control insurgency in india then come!!!moaists are there since 60's and u couldnt do anything till now!!! we ahve the dignity to fight!!!!
in the last take that begging bowl and shove it ur ass it will surely make u hard working!!!!
the type of comment MIKEY made surely shows that he has no information on what the situation is and what type of war pakistan is fighting !!!! and buddy read the artical!!!! it says that if we would had got the correct equipment the casulty rate would had been low!!!!
now the best thing is that people like mikey will always critisize!!! if we get aide then u r begging and if we dont get aide,, look america dosent help u thats ur stature!!! so in simple words fuck ur self

Salam to everyone
Pakistan should stand on his feet
we must take help from A.Q.khan for making new defense system
we are Muslim and we make our strength to defend Islam.
We are not begging in front of America, America give us money to help them .....
i know India have large army than us
but the fact is we have latest weapon system than India . if u not believe on it than its your thinking....
We have no war with Indian people but we do jihad against cruel
Yes i know we do wrong thing to join America in Afghanistan but we don't do that than India and America attack on us
My Indian's brother now we must move forward forgetting every thing that was in past if we want to make our countries more develop than west..............
plz think before ........

waqas your positive thoughts are useless for these bloody indians,
and you MIKEY its an old tactics you indians that you say i am not an indian to show the rest that the world is with you,

SO u r a korean!!! nice to see that!!!
okay you should google one more thing thats a sinking of a korean ship by north!!!!
and yeah u won every war aginst north!!! they fucked u each time and are still fucking u!!!!!!
about arjun hahaha again start reading!!!! ARJUCK is only inducted in token numbers 128+128 thats it!!! it was made to replace t72 is it doing so!!!!! or t90 are doing that!!!! we have AL khalid which is inducted and being used!!!!
about LCA doesnt matter what generation it is coz the reason it was made for it didnot accomplish that!!! this shows u cant even read straight!!!!!
and yes there was a surrender in 71 but other knowledge is wrong we fucked the indian in 65 and kargil indians say they lost strategically so now u tell!!!! what other three wars they won!!!
stop reading from biased websites!!!!
hahaha one more thing Pakistan was growing economically only WAR has damaged our economy!!!! and no country which is in a state of war can grow economically and we were growing till 2007!!!
last thing if u r great thats because of us!!!! five year plan which korea bought was from pakistan!!!! so dude we were the best and we will again rise!!!!

and one more thing!!!! we are a nuclear power... which u r not!!!!

i am sorry i called u an indian but the fact is that u started talking and criticizing like a bloody indian!!! and i tried to access ur account to look where u r from so there was no info!!!! so enjoy life next time i'll be ready for korean mikey( really a person named mikey and he is a korean)hahahah!!!!

zaidi nice to see ur comment dude long time no write!!!!

well that not true ,i googled you fucking asshole you lost every war with india and they fucked you in everywhere . you fucking can't even make a pickup truck and you talking about nuclear bomb huh ? ? everybody knows bot you dat porkies know nufing bt to export terror in world trade.. and about nuclear pakistan everybody knows whr it cumz frm ?? CHINA .. you fuckin islamik porkies yes!NK shunk our ship but it wuz unprovoked 1 and we are just patroling withot any countermeasure .. accept a truth dat ur ghost of terror is against u now ,stop bashing ur failed nation here. you being a fake and accept dat indain supermecy in ur region

Who let the dogs out? Is there an admin here?

You fucking Hindu bastards , you can not make a pin with out your master Russia, how can you make a Nuclear Bomb, infarct BHINDIA Purchased 4 Nuclear devices in 1974, one was blown same year, Indian scientists are mother fuckers they did not checked the expiry date of other three bombs, that were failed in 1998, you madar choods are always jalousie about Pakistan achievement, you fucking madar choods mind it , there will be Gazwa-e-Hind coming, soon you madar choods will be finished after the american lose in Afghanistan

i will accept indian supremacy in the region when u will accept north korean supremacy in ur region!!!!!!
again google fice year plan and Dr Mahboob ul haq!!!! then u ll see if ur getting ur ass up it is coz of pakistan!!!!!
secondly try to read straight!!!! u didnt read my comments!!!!
and yeah ur ship was sunk!!! thats a fact!!! and the fact is u couldnt a single thing about it!!! yeah u did went into americans ass!!!! u talk about dignityof purchasing things!!! what a joke!!! if u had the dignityu would fight north on ur own not with a fleet of americans siiting in the south the are protecting u thats ur dignity!!! u claim to be the best but u cant do a single thing by urself!!!! yes we ask for equipment but the end of the day we have the gut to fight for whats right and face an enemy which is ten times our size!!!! whats do u do!! ask the american to protect u !!!! courage is never bought by money!!!!
and for insurgency read my first coment about india,,, it took srilanka to take care of LTTE in 30 years!!! we did it in 3 years!!!!indians have 27 insurgency movements in india and they back since60's ...... we have the guts and dignity to fight!!!!!
lastly i believe it was a fully armed vessle which was sunk!!! so how the hell there was no counter measures,,,, every idiot knows that when u patrol near the border u always are on hight alert!!!! i bet ur guys were fishing there!!!!hahahah

we took nuclear from china!!! yes we did!!!! india from russia!!! so whats the deal!!!!
if u were that educated u might had studied dont work hard work smart!!! dont reinvent the wheel over and over again!!!! Atleast JF17 is our aircraft!!! what have u made??? we made alkhalid what did u make??
so keep ur pie hole shut!!!! and live happily in korea!!!!

i mostly don't pay attention to these bloody indians,except they cross their limits,

one more thing!!! mikey i was about to ask the same question " who let mikey out???"

well mikey there is no use to fight against them bro u see their history they are born fighters the whole race is like that they just know how to fight u see Afghanistan they are all tribals and tribals fight with each other well of course pakistan is far more better then that, that's why u see a running government there but still there are many tribal region in pakistan and well about indian we never even talk about pakistan except few indian guys u see how many pakistani and how many indian commenting over here i read asian defence every day but i see these guys fighting and i am not trying to hurt any pakistani but just leave ur country and check the outside world just go to any western country and say that i am a pakistani and see how they treat u because i have seen that i have a pakistani friend he is a nice guy but ppl dont treat him very welll even without knowing him but they are friendly with me

and by the way have u guys ever heard anyone except you guys saying that indian took russian help to make nuclear bomb but even ur ppl and the whole world knows that how u got a nuclear bomb well all things u say is ture let's take it that way but have u guys even thought for one moment that "hey the world is against us may be we are wrong or something" well and i dont say india is better country but still we are improving and we are improving fast there is corruption but its getting lower day by day
here is a video that u will not like it and u will call a traitor but for once think a bit logical

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