Saturday, November 7, 2009


pakistan already possesses such weapons, check out the POF eye.

The POF-eye is a cornershot weapon that pakistan has indegenously produced & it is the best in the world.

so indians don't get excited pakistan is already 3-steps ahead of you

yes very much true they r very much ahead may be even 4 step but in terrorism only

Anyone can buy these fancy gizmos. Can they implement them effectively? I have my doubts. Lets hope they don't get caught with their pants down again.

hey guys i didn't know that pakistan had corner-shot before i read ur comments

now that i know that pakistan has developed cornershot, on it's own i feel really proud

Pakistan zindabad

Allah-0-Akbar !!!!!!!

Mr Anonymous, don't need to explain what Pakistan's capabilities are. whole world know what is Pakistan's capability. Spreading terrorism, killing people, best democracy in the world (Killing own people) can't feed them but can kill them. Don't have money to feed people but has money to buy weapons. Begging in front of world for money, food, shelter, medicine. This country is pices of junk. All virus start from here.

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how many sikhs you guys killed

thanks to indira, G

your citizens, please explain

shame on your double standard

our nuclear weapons are a sore to

every body excepy china

we are not begging for money

our friends are giving it to us

would you guys refuse it?

sacrifice needs prize,

we shall kill all terrorists

hindus or muslims, not matter what

the blood of sikhs is on your

hands, show it to the world

come forward

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