Saturday, November 7, 2009


The more advanced course in the world,

Is the photo meant to be a joke? Who keeps hand gun that high and AK-47 is the least precise assault rifle.

If Delhi PD needs a SWAT team, they should equip them with work class weapons. Special Protection Group of the center already has selected good weapons and developed training.

Delhi PD should have their officers equipped and trained by SPG and send them on training and deployment to other cities/countries

nepalese soldiers are better than indian so called swat team, btw is this a joke or something :D

Like everything Indian this is a joke, funny looking people, bad smelling, funny uniforms, can go on and on and on.
Probably the terrorists will die laughing looking at those clowns

Bad smell and Indian go hand in hand, the smell of foul curry reeking from smelly black short midget Indians is unnerving.

As for begging, feed more than half your population first before thinking of SWAT lol, 70% of your population lives on less than $1.00a day.
Them Indians LOL

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