Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pakistan concerned over reports of new India nuke test

Pakistan is concerned on reports that India is again preparing for a new nuclear test. In his weekly news briefing, Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit said the recent US statements on nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer and nuclear proliferation are quite baseless, adding Pakistan like any other responsible country is full-fledged alive to its responsibility. The spokesman said there are reports that India has a new nuclear test in the works, adding these reports are rather embarrassing to Pakistan; Pakistan is however steadfast on its policy of maintaining minimum defence deterrence and does not want arms race in the region.


erm..nuke test??..not even indians are aware of any nuke test...Gosh,where are these reports coming from??Minimum deterrence when there are busy expanding their nuke arsenal to 100..

Have you heard of nuclear fizzle story. Fmr top scientists are arguing for the need for more tests to make sure nukes are reliable. India is damned if does not test its nukes or is damned if it does test. I rather test nukes because deterrence is more important then projecting yourself as a friendly power. India is stuck lol

More testing for their nuclear design is definitely required. You can fool Indian people in believing that their tests were successful, but you can not fool the rest of the world because others know the reality of failed Indian bangs. Bluffing to have a H.bumb and then making provocative moves will surely take India into a situation where others will call their bluff. It would have been too late for Indians by then. We see how they can now defy the world and explode for another time.

This is just a statement to show clear intensions to the world that any such act by India will not go unanswered thus putting pressure on India not to conduct nuclear tests

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