Friday, April 2, 2010

France says arms sale to Pakistan held up

PARIS: France's plan to sell 1.2 billion euro ($1.6 billion) worth of military equipment for Pakistan's JF-17 combat aircraft has been held up, a source at President Nicolas Sarkozy's office said on Friday.Newspaper Le Monde had reported earlier that France decided to suspend the sale of electronics and missiles -- the first section of a 6 billion euro contract -- under pressure from India and uncertainty over Pakistan's finances......................Reuters


[Potential] French sale of electronics and missiles for Pakistan's JF-17.

MBDA MICA EM/IR air-to-air missile?

President Nicolas Sarkozy the Hungarian (Jew) Zionist President of France in consultation with his inbread half brother Asif Zardari has tried to stall this very lucrative deal between France & Pakistan.

France knows that Defence electronics & Missile industry is a buyers Market.Pakistan is the only buyer for this equipment

Pakistan can change & it can find other vendors and last but not least Nret the Chinese Electronic Giant is waiting to grab this very lucrative Buisness deal.

JF-17 programme is not a small programme.It is estimated at least 1000 JF-17,s will be produced & sold by Pakistan/China.

i find it interesting that Pakistan already wishes to westernize the JF17 from China.

For Pine
P.A.F has its roots not in Western but U.S.A.F
Equipment involved is choosen on merit.
Pakistan may have 2 years to explore or change vendors.

Looking at the threat preception Pakistan decides as it did with its nuclear programme.

Pakistan should buy the U-214 the German Sub,s & the Chinese 039 A/G,s not the French Subs.

This is the point of contention this is were Mr Sarkozy & Co comes

@ Shafqat

You obviously have strong bias/distaste toward French hardware and diplomacy.

PLAN Type 039's sonar is based on French Thomson-CSF TSM-2233 technology, by the way.

you are not reading between the lines.
Pakistan has choosen French technology on Merit.
If personal greed comes in way.
Pakistan has the option to change vendors.More over France sold tecnology to China.
PLAN Type 039's sonar is based on French Thomson-CSF TSM-2233

According to the article reasons for the hold-up are cited to be:

"Under pressure from India and uncertainty over Pakistan's finances."

"France was also worried over insufficient protection of its technology."


All vendors interested in selling high-tech gears to any Chinese accessible market need to implement full tampering & reversed engineering-proofed mechanisms.

A bit more on Thales' well-known TSM 2233 sonar system:

The French dsion may have nothing to do with Indian pressure and payment issue. It may simply be a rude attempt of arm twisting. Pakistan court has started scrutinizing a huge deal (about $25B) for LNG import by a French company. That deal was awarded by Sarkozys hlf brother, Zardari, to the Freanch company despite the fact that two other parties offered a better terms. The deal thus caused a loss of about a billion dollars to Pakistan. This decision may be an attempt to blackmail Pak military to force it block the judicial inquiry into the dubious deal.

What's up with you and the 'Sarkozy half brother' nonsense?

Which of the following is more likely: France yields to India's pressure, Pakistan has difficulty financing or that the French simply 'being rude'?

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