Friday, April 2, 2010

Egypt Uncovers 100 Anti-aircraft Missiles, 45 Missile Launchers in Sinai

Egyptian security forces uncovered a massive arms cache in central Sinai Peninsula before dawn yesterday, the Egyptian daily Al-Yum a-Saba reported. No details were given about whether the arms were intended for smuggling into the Gaza Strip or where they were from. However, the Egyptian forces suspect the smugglers to be Sinai Bedouin who found and collected weapons following battles and hoped to sneak them into the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian news agency Maan cited Egyptian security sources saying officers discovered a large arms warehouse containing some 100 anti-aircraft missiles, 45 missile launchers, 40 bombs, an RPG missile and other explosive devices...................... Haaretz


That is one of the greatest things ever. That is one of the most incredible feelings on Earth.

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