Friday, April 2, 2010

Pakistan Air Force's IL-78 Air-to-Air Refueling Aircraft

The Ilyushin IL-78 Midas R09-001 Air-to-Air Refueler aircraft of Pakistan Air Force has taken part in High Mark 2010.Delivery of remaining three Refueler aircraft is planned to complete by 2010.Pakistan airforce has purchased a total of 4 Il-78P Midas tanker aircraft have from the Ukraine. These aircrafts are equipped with Soviet-designed UPAZs pods and refueling kits on Mirage-III Rose-I is of South African origin. In first stage PAF has announced that 30 Mirage-III Rose-I will be upgraded with in-flight refuelling probes and this too is being done at PAC kamra.The Il-78s will give the PAF its first airborne refueling capability. They will help train Pakistani crews in mid-air refueling techniques, and once operational will be used to refuel the Mirage-III, eventually JF-17 Thunder and Fc-20.


Good to know that Pak upgraded and installed the refuleing pods on its own. Shows there is lot of potential in Asian countries. Thats why all the western nations, esp the usa dont want to see them together.

btw..color of IL-78 looks good.

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