Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gorshkov Aircraft Carrier Cost India $2.33 Billion

Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier bought from Russia finally cost India $ 2.33 billion, out of which $ 29 million was paid toward services rendered by Indian specialists and another $ 85 million for repair technical documentation.India had early this year agreed to pay $ 2.33 billion, over three times the $ 974 million it had signed a contract for the 45,000-tonne warship in 2004, after a three-year negotiation."The $ 29 million was paid for stationing 40-odd Indian Navy personnel in Russia for over five years since 2004 to assist, monitor and work on the repair and re-equipping of Gorshkov," a Navy officer said here today."The $ 85 million for repair technical documentation was for buying all detailed charts, diagrams and instructions for the machinery and equipment that are on-board Gorshkov," the officer said.
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