Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Third US-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue will be held on October 22

The third round of US-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue will be held in Washington on October 22, special Af-Pak envoy Richard Holbrooke [ Images ] said on Monday as he lauded international efforts, especially by India, in providing support to Pakistan flood victims. "Pakistan is the only country in the world in which Secretary of State (Hillary) Clinton will have chaired three strategic dialogues in six months: in March in Washington, July co-chaired in Islamabad, and next month in Washington again," Holbrooke, Special US Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan, told reporters during a teleconference with the USAID Administrator Raj Shah. Holbrooke asserted that Pakistan is getting highest level of attention from Washington after Afghanistan. "So the amount of attention Pakistan's getting from the highest levels of the US government is unmatched by any other country in the world, with the obvious exception of Afghanistan."


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