Friday, September 10, 2010

Switzerland Gives Its 10 Alouette III Helicopters to Pakistan for Search and Rescue Assets

On Wednesday, the Federal Council decided to transfer for free to Pakistan the last ten Alouette III helicopters that are currently still in possession of the Air Force. These helicopters, which were due for decommissioning in late 2010, will instead be used for Search And Rescue operations. Pakistan has signed a binding agreement in this regard. After the decision of the Federal Council on 18 August 2010 to provide Pakistan with three Alouette IIIs which have already been retired from service, it has now been agreed that the seven other helicopters of that type that the Air Force no longer needs will be transferred to Pakistan by the end of the year. The first Alouette III will be flown to Pakistan in September aboard a Pakistan Air Force transport aircraft.


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