Monday, September 20, 2010

Sino-Pak Cooperation in Building Submarines, Bigger Ships Identified

After successful completion of construction of three F-22 P Frigates in China, Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Noman Bashir said that Pakistan has identified to China the cooperation in the field of construction of submarine, bigger war ships, acquiring modern weapons and equipments.“ We will not stop here and this cooperation will continue”, said Admiral Noman Bashir while replying to a question.He said that during his meetings with Chinese side, he had identified areas including building of submarines, as so far we had not entered into joint construction of submarines.

This is one of areas Pakistan would now like to explore, he noted.He said that Pakistan also like to go for construction of bigger ships with cooperation of China.These ships would be bigger than the current F-22 P Frigates, he added.There is lot of discussion that are taking place, he said adding “obviously we will have the ships and submarines which will be according to our requirements and specifications”.Also, the CNS said that in the areas of weapons and sensors we are going beyond what we had.


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