Tuesday, September 21, 2010

India’s Navy is transforming to become a C4ISR nuclear force in the Indian Ocean

INDIA’S MISSILE POWER AND THE INDIAN NAVY LOOKS AHEAD India’s home designed nuclear capable surface to surface ballistic missiles (SSMs) that are in operational service range from the 250 to 350 km liquid fuelled Prithvi and the ship launched Dhanush, to the 700 to 1500 km solid/liquid fuelled Agni I and 2 and the Shauraya. These missiles are all beneficiaries and off shoots of ISRO programmes, and were incubated when Dr Abdul Kalam shifted from ISRO in the 1980s to build missiles and later to head India’s defence research department (DRDO). The underwater launched nuclear capable, 700km Sagarika K-15 missile is awaiting a submarine platform, and the longer range ICBM Agni-3 missile is under trial. The joint Indo Russian supersonic 299km Brahmos cruise missile is in service with the Army and the Navy, and a lighter air launched version will be tested soon on a SU-30MKI. India’s civil led programmes in space and nuclear, are now contributing to India’s military preparedness.

“Satellite Communications is at the heart of Indian Navy’s vision of future net centric operations in our area of interest…..From the operational perspective, satellite communications network ushers in transformational changes ……and allows for real time information exchange in voice, video data etc which is quite unreliable in HF Communications systems”. (2010). Admiral Nirmal Verma Chief of Naval Staff Indian Navy a Communications Specialist and Graduate of the Royal Naval Staff College UK and US Naval War College Rhode Island.while RISAT-1 is being readied by ISRO. This has also proved the ability of ISRO to launch spy satellites at short notice in the future. The RISAT-2 has panchromatic cameras and radar capability similar to Israel’s TECSAR for imagery at sea and along the coast. RISAT-2 can penetrate cloud and is a mile stone achievement.


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