Thursday, October 7, 2010

Push to axe Collins-Class Submarines Immediately , Buy German Type 214 or French Scorpenes

A RADICAL plan is being pushed by a group of senior Australian submariners.It is to retire two Collins-class submarines immediately and fast-track the purchase of four ready-made submarines from Europe.The proposal, which has been sent to both the federal government and the opposition, reflects growing concern among some former senior naval officers that the government's plan to build 12 of the world's most sophisticated conventional submarines is flawed and unrealistic.The Rudd government's defence white paper committed to building 12 large, sophisticated submarines in Australia to replace the six Collins-class boats from the mid-2020s.

Mr Patrick argues it would be cheaper and easier for Australia to purchase proven off-the-shelf submarines from Europe, such as the German Type 214 or French Scorpenes, rather than try to build a new generation of unique, homegrown submarines like the Collins.


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