Sunday, July 26, 2009

Air Combat Training Underway in Singapore Skies

The final 2009 iteration of exercise Commando Sling in Singapore began July 20 and runs for another week. The exercise allows U.S. units to sharpen their air combat skills, improve procedures and readiness, and enhance relationships with the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF).Hawaii Air National Guard (ANG) F-15 Eagles are representing the U.S. in this, the fourth Commando Sling exercise of the fiscal year. The ANG pilots are conducting dissimilar air combat training with the RSAF, in which different types of aircraft fly air-to-air missions against each other. U.S. Marine Corps and Air Force units have also participated this year.Commando Sling, an annual Pacific Air Forces exercise series, began in 1990 to provide air combat training for the U.S. Air Force and RSAF. Military exercises are an important component of U.S. Pacific Command’s commitment to working with allies and friends to enhance stability in the Asia-Pacific region. Each exercise, while differing in scope and intent, contributes to the enhanced readiness of the participating forces, as well as their mutual cooperation and understanding.


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