Tuesday, July 28, 2009


cool but costly,even if france buy from russia attack helicopter those ka50/52,mi28 will be cheaper and more effective than tiger attack heli

On the other hand, what could be a better proving ground?

Besides, Tiger is French Army's most potent gunship in service; it's a reasonable reaction to the unfortunate KIA of 10 French servicemen [due to lack of CAS] not long ago.

buy helicos from Russia? You got to be kidding me. Russia can't even field a multipurpose amphibious ship in their navy and resorted to buying one from France.

Russian helicopters are designed to carry heavy loads well armoured - competeing with apaches, while the tiger is probably the most agile H/C - but not so well armoured. The main difference is high integrated avionics, but it's very difficult to judge this by looking at pictures.

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