Friday, July 31, 2009

Indian forces riddled with expensive 'duds'

India's pride -- its defence forces have a reputation that precedes them. But it’s unfortunate that they have been given the tedious task of guarding our borders, unarmed & saddled with 'dud' weapons. As a normal citizen of the country, one would think that our defence forces are armed with weapons which have unbeatable fire power, which mercilessly swoop down on their targets and bomb the enemies. However, TIMES NOW reveals a shocker. TIMES NOW's Senior Editor Srinjoy Chowdhury, who has exclusive access to the 'Dud report' says, "The Indian Air Force's armory is full of duds with missiles that don't work and bombs that don't explore." Specifically, the Harpy missile procured from Israel for a whopping Rs 750 crores lies useless after it developed direction trouble.
The Popeye II missile that costs Rs 350 crores, which is an air to surface missile, that never even passed the initial tests since the wings were faulty. The Sea Eagle -- a subsonic anti-ship missile which cost close to a Rs 120 crores is no longer usable as the components are not available. Meanwhile, anti-radiation missiles, some of which were procured from Russia have malfunctional seekers -- parts that used to seek out the target. Srinjoy adds, "Many foreign weapon systems tested in very pristine conditions just don't seem to be effective in India. Yet there are indigenous weapon systems that have failed as well." Sitaphal -- the cluster bomb, is not in use since key components have become unavailable and finally the 450 kg high speed low drag bomb too had not been put to use due to the mismatch in components. Pallam Raju, Minister of State for Defence said, "With weapon systems of with ammunitions, whether it is for the Navy or the Army, if it goes beyond the shelf life then there could be inaccuracy." With an armory of junk and a nation to defend, one wonders if anyone is listening to our brave soldiers.


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