Friday, July 31, 2009

Indian Navy chief defends Gorshkov purchase

Defending the Gorshkov aircraft carrier deal with Russia that had come under severe criticism by the CAG, Navy Chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta said on Thursday that it would be impossible to get an aircraft carrier at cheaper rates.

Responding to questions on the sidelines of a defence function organised by CII here, Mehta said, “Can you get me an aircraft carrier for less than $2 billion? If you can, I am going to sign a cheque right now.” Mehta’s remarks come after the CAG report criticised the ‘unprecedented’ price hike of the carrier, and following protests by several members of Parliament against the government’s alleged bowing to Russian pressure.

While the original deal was to pay just under $1 billion for the refitting of the carrier, Moscow had shocked India in 2007 by demanding an exponential price hike. While negotiations are still on, Russia is looking for close to $3 billion. Military experts, however, concede that even after the hike, India would be paying much less than it would for a brand new carrier. Also, when the deal was signed, the Gorshkov was the only aircraft carrier available for sale anywhere in the world.


CAG report criticised the ‘unprecedented’ price hike of the carrier
yu know that criticising is very easy,but upgrading a old ship is very difficult.

a worker on the ship undergoes lots of bending,crunching,kneeling,climbing,standing for long hours and other streneous movements and doing this for 8-10 hours and 6 days a week.

and do yu know how much pain it feels in lower back when yu stand for this period of time

so its very very phisical work and that worker comes to home and his body is compeletely broken and he/she takes a 2-3 pegs of alcohol and just sleeps to be ready for next day

so CAG guys just sitting in their AC sarkari offices shouting for price hike is very easy thing to do.

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