Sunday, July 26, 2009

INS Arihant to take long time to become operational

India's first nuclear-powered submarine launched on Sunday will take much longer than the projected two years to become operational, according to naval experts, who say the real big test now is to ensure that the on-board reactor attains criticality. Noting there is still lot left to do, the experts said scientists had a onerous task to see that the on-board nuclear reactor - the heart of the submarine - attains criticality without any hitches. Naval officials said INS Arihant (Destroyer of Enemies) codenamed Advanced Technology Vessel (ATV) will undergo two years of sea trials in the Bay of Bengal after which they hope to see the submarine commissioned for full service. "It is little optimistic only for one reasons because it the first of its class. In the first of the class there are a large number of checks to be carried out. It could take much longer time frame than the two years being projected (for INS Arihant)," said Vice Admiral A K Singh(retd) former Captain of INS Chakra, the Charlie-class nuclear submarine. The second ATV or the third ATV will definitely come out much faster, Singh said. C Uday Bhaskar, Director, National Maritime Foundation, said, " I don't think we should over-interpret the capability of the Arihant at this stage because there are many more complex technological steps before the particular nuclear reactor on the Arihant acquires criticality." Bhaskar said hopefully three to five years down the road India would be a credible naval power because the country would then have the capability to fit the submarine with nuclear propulsion. Former Naval Chief Admiral (retd) Arun Prakash said a lot of work lies ahead for the country's scientists and engineers. "The big day will however come when the nuclear reactor attains criticality," he said. Admiral (retd) Arun Prakash said painstaking series of trials are necessary because even a minor malfunction can cause catastrophic results as the Kursk(Russian Submarine) accident showed. "They will also be long drawn-out and time-consuming because each defect that appears will be carefully analysed and rectified," he said. Experts also said the state-owned Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) could take two to three years to indigenously develop cruise and ballistic missiles which can be fired from the submarine. Russia’s ambassador to India and Russian technologists associated with India’s nuclear submarine programme are present here. Their contribution is richly acknowledged.“We never had a nuclear submarine, and we needed design consultancy from them,” Vice Admiral Kannan says. The Arihant has about 40 per cent indigenous content. The next two submarines of the same class that are planned are likely to have more.


he said. Admiral (retd) Arun Prakash said painstaking series of trials are necessary because even a minor malfunction can cause catastrophic results as the Kursk(Russian Submarine) accident showed.
why didn't he blamed americans who fired torpedo on kursk.

and what about Accident on Akula II K-152 Nerpa?

The Kursk sank because the Hydrogen Peroxide fuel of the torpedos ignited, not because the Kursk was attacked.
The russians have since replaced all such torpedos.

Stop blaming America always.

For Asian Defence Review

Please advise in case of a melt down ....which is a possibility ,,,It happend with the Soviet-Russians when ther Reactor Chernaboyl.... blew up In land...
Russia having huge potential ...could not avoid such a catosphere ...Then the Akula affair..KURSK went down with its own torpedos or of hostile fire ...
The sub a shallow depth of Barents Sea ...If the indians who do not have any proper know how or the technology (indegnious)to build a diesel electric submarine of their own how on earth will master a nuclear Sub..Two days back they had a rediation leak in one of their nuclear reactors ..
This is news ..
On land you can reach and salvage the situation much easily ..Indians on a NUCLEAR Sub with some sort of Nuclear BOMB devices on it is big trouble for not only the INDIANS but Indian Ocean as a whole
India Navy is a nusence not for self but for all of its nabours..

Dear Shafquat,

R u a paki?

If then, plz stop ur useless omments here.

India has started all its R & D work for its major projects almost 20 years back. We have world class facilities for almost every technology.

Now that research is paying...thats why there is lot of Indeginous equipment is being tested and efforts are on the way to achieve IOC and FOC asap.

And now India doesnt want to reinvent the wheel. so it is taking the help of the experts where ever it needs.

The purpose of the whole exercise is to reduce the dependancy on other countries for critical techs.

You will not understand this as you get readymade stuff from ur big daddy china, who indeed copies/reverse engineers the same.

our products in future will be accepted without any doubt. Ur copied/reverse engineered stuff will not preferred.

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