Friday, April 2, 2010


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India can spend money on modernising military..

China will spend money on modernising economy.

India has its hands full with Pakistan. China since the Cold War does not see India in same league as Soviet Union.

So freakin what, if India attaks china or China attaks india, the outcome is the same, Nuclear Holocaust.

China is and has been working alone; India is working with Russia, USA and whoever willing to help to bring her to the world stage. China has been stepping on a lot of people's toes as it grows; India has not. In the end, China won't be competing just with India, but with the rest of the world combined.

No one has ever seen China as 'in same league as Soviet Union' either now or in foreseeable future.

The true intention behind China's military & geopolitical expansion - tinted with an unmistakably nationalistic undertone - is uncertain.

Indian and Chinese bilateral trade in increasing by 34% every year.

Don't think economies with over 70$ Billion in bilateral trade would think of each other as enemies.

Chinese economist projevt Sino-Indian Bilateral trade to hit 300$ by 2020.

Between bilateral agreements with Russia and those [to lesser extend] with America and Europe, India can comfortably counterbalance China's growing influence in Indian Ocean. *

* Namely, Beijing's 'string of pearls' geopolitical projection in Southeast Asia: from Pakistan to Sri Lanka to Myanmar.


Russia is still dealing with China, opened pipelines recently.

Theres no cold war, so I see no active isolation of China. There is suspicion, thats it. What happens if your wrong, provoking China without outside support would be bad for India. You can outspend Pakistan, but not China especially since India is a democracy so need to spend money on its people. Ironically China has done better job at reducing poverty.

@ Type99

Ironically, China is waging its own 'cold war' against existing and emerging powers. It might seem unstoppable (esp its economic might) at the moment, but if history were a better gadget, i would say that the nationalistic militarism would eventually find its match, from within or without.

I don’t see China gearing towards its (military) power projection. Chinese economy is well integrated with that of the USA and Europe. In fact, China has emerged as a banker for US treasury bonds and that thing has a damn influence. So, the claim that the West would pit India to counter Chinese influence is misplaced. India and Chine of course are natural rivals and would compete against each other for influence in at least Indian Ocean. Chinese seem to be doing far better than their Indian counterparts in having strategic deals with important countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Pacific rim. Chinese currently enjoy huge disparity in military power and production, industrial base and R&D, and space/missile/nuclear programs. Don’t forget they tested 6MT bomb more than thirty years ago. Phokhran proved to be no more than 45 KT by Indian claims. But the race for influence between the two countries will definitely be interesting to watch.

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