Friday, May 14, 2010

NSG-IAF exercise ends

 The national security guards (NSG) and the Indian Air Force (IAF) today concluded their weeklong joint exercise to hone counter terrorist skills. Apart from the choppers, the IAF’s raised special force, the Garud’s, participated alongside the NSG. A large component of the NSG is drawn from the Indian Army and is detailed at specialised operations like the one conducted to counter the November 2008 Mumbai attack.

The exercise named “Black Eagle” was the first such exercise since 2008. It covered various skills of shooting and techniques to enable precision surgical strikes against terrorists, hostile elements and to carry out rescue missions. The emphasis was on ‘swift deployment’ for which choppers where used, like the one used in Mumbai to send in commandoes atop the Nariman house. The IAF pilots performed difficult manoeuvres, which aided the NSG commandos to practise new tactics......................................Source


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