Thursday, September 2, 2010

China’s role in Arunachal, J&K puts India on guard

Aggressive posturing by China on Jammu and Kashmir and its unusual interest in the Indian Ocean has annoyed New Delhi, forcing it to seriously consider ways to counter Beijing. India is considering adopting a “proactive” approach on Tibet and also exposing China’s clandestine nuclear cooperation with Pakistan. According to sources privy to yesterday’s meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS), the government is considering a multi-pronged strategy to deal with China’s aggressiveness on issues critical to India's sovereignty, particularly J&K and Arunachal Pradesh. The message is clear to Beijing -- its recent actions on J&K were not in line with the efforts being made by New Delhi to normalise ties notwithstanding the complex border dispute. Sources said India would stick to its stance of not having any military ties with China following its refusal to give visa to Lt Gen BS Jaswal on the ground that he commands Indian forces in Jammu and Kashmir.


India's proactive stance will further aggrivate matters between the two neighbouring countries. How can India stop Pakistan from developing atomic energy for peaceful uses. Pakistan has enough know-how to buid atomic reactors itself. Moreover, in the past such tectics has failed as everyone knows how to play chess.For such moves, there should be enough political and military power to support these moves which unfortunately India does not have. Moreover, as a proactive support from China on Maoist movement and other separationist movements will eventually disintegrate India in the coing 5 to 10 years. Therefore, India should refrain from such tectics and live like a good brother.
Moreover, most of the Indian rivers are coming from Tibet. If China started doing what India is doing with Pakistani rivers, then India will face a very difficult situation.
Naseer Qureshi

Yes, China should be nailed using Nuke Proliferation and lets try to hold his neck on Tibet, Xingiang, Uighurs autonomous regions so that it stays within boundary and should not display its military,economic strength towards any country.

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