Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Indian MoD, Services to Review Use of Digital Storage

Even as Chinese and Pakistani online espionage agents continue their attempts to hack into Indian computer systems, hostile intelligence agencies are also trying to steal defence secrets through use of computer storage media (CSM) devices like pen drives, removable hard disks, CDs, VCDs and the like. The Intelligence Bureau has sounded a red alert about "intelligence officers of a hostile country'' encouraging their "assets'' working in Indian defence establishments to use CSM devices to pilfer classified information from computer networks.

"There have been reports of increasing number of incidents of leakage of data/documents in defence establishments through the use of pen drives and other digital storage devices,'' says the security alert, issued to the defence ministry as well as the Army, Navy and IAF HQs. Consequently, MoD has ordered a thorough review of the entire policy on "the entitlement and usage of CSM devices'' in its different establishments, said sources. While acknowledging the functional necessity to allow some officers to use such devices, MoD has asked for a comprehensive directorate-wise list of pen drives, laptops and internet connections being used in its different offices.


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