Thursday, October 7, 2010

US agrees to Upgrade the Taiwan's 146 F-16A/Bs

Taiwan is allocating money for possible U.S. help to ugrade its fleet of F-16 fighter jets, a military spokesman said Wednesday, two days after a senior Taiwanese official warned that China's threat against the island is growing.The comments from air force spokesman Pan Kung-hsiao came amid Taiwanese media reports that the Obama administration has agreed to upgrade the island's fleet of American-made 146 F-16A/Bs, which it received more than a decade ago.Pan said that acquisition of an entirely new version of the F-16, the more advanced C/Ds, remains the military's top priority because that aircraft suits Taiwan's defense needs better than the A/Bs."Our primary interest remains the procurement of F-16 C/Ds rather than the upgrade of F-16 A/Bs," Pan said.
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