Friday, August 21, 2009

Chinese L-15 jet trainer Falcon debuts at MAKS 2009 air show

The advanced jet trainer Falcon L-15 independently developed by China’s Jiangxi Hongdu Aviation Industry Group appeared in the Russian International Air Show on August 18. This air show attracted 711 astronautic and aeronautic enterprises from 34 countries to participate in. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin inaugurated the air show.

It is introduced that the advanced jet trainer Falcon L-15 has a fine pneumatic platform with a three-axle and four-redundancy fly-by-wire flight control system. It can reappear the flight performance of combat aircraft at a low cost, has the flight performance and maneuver similar to the new generation of fighters and can meet the training demand of the pilots.

It is also learned that the trainer Falcon L15 will attend the International Air Show in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and make flying display in the coming November to display once again the fine performance to the overseas clients and actively expand the international market.


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