Friday, August 21, 2009

Pakistan has asked Sri Lanka to train its personnel in counter-insurgency operations

Following the victory of the Sri Lankan army over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a militant outfit once considered by many as an invincible force, Pakistan has asked Sri Lanka to provide training to its military personnel.

The government of Pakistan wants the Sri Lankan military to train its personnel in counter-insurgency operations, the Commander of the Sri Lankan Army, Lt-Gen Jagath Jayasuriya, told journalists. He said several other countries had also sought information about the strategy and tactics adopted by the Sri Lankan armed forces to decimate the LTTE in just three years of intense fighting."We'll give a favourable response," Lt Gen Jagath Jayasuriya said of the request. He said the Sri Lankan military envisaged specialist courses lasting up to six weeks, directed towards small groups from interested armies.

Pakistan helped Sri Lanka fight the LTTE by supplying arms when other countries had put an embargo on arms sales to the country. Adm Wasantha Karannagoda, a former naval chief who is currently the National Security Adviser, had said at an international naval seminar in the UK that the strategies and tactics used by the Sri Lankan navy to tackle the LTTE’s naval arm could be of use to other navies because in the conflicts of the future navies would be facing not battleships and destroyers but small and fast boats of non-state rogue navies which could be indulging in insurgencies, piracies and trafficking of various kinds.In late May, Pakistan - like China and Russia - helped Colombo defeat a motion at the UN which would have criticised both the government and the rebels for allegedly violating humanitarian law during the war.


Well I thought pakistanis claimed to train the Sri Lankan troops against LTTE?

Airforce, artillery, armored vehicles are components of conventional military, thats where pak trained Sri Lanka.

How can pak train lanka in counter insurgency? You must have mis- interpretated articles on subject.

I thnk certain people will start laughing at pak asking lankan help but them guys fail to understand that pride is weakeness not strength. Also I think there is racism involved against Lankans.

This is a fine Idea as LTTE the terrorist outfit of Hindu Fanatics was trained and funded by R.A.W the Indian External Intelligence service.Srilanka had to face this ruthless but a coward enemy for 3 decades.If Pakistan had asked SriLanka to train its Malatia forces in Counter Insergency tactics it is for this reason as same Indian Instructors are advising the mecenery forces pitted against the state of Pakistan using the same suiside tactics .Being funded by the same Indo-Israil-American nexis to destablize Pakistan.We in Pakistan will be greatful to the SriLankanas on having shown this gesture after all they fought their own bloody war and defeated a far superior enemy.\\\\\\\Do not look down on Srilankans or the Pakistanis .

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