Tuesday, August 25, 2009

India artillery upgrade stuck, Pak gets howitzers from US

Manu Pubby

India’s artillery modernisation has been stuck due to scam scares ever since the Bofors scandal but Pakistan has gone ahead, equipping its army with the latest guns that now threaten to give it an edge over the Indian Army.

While India has not received even a single new artillery gun in the last two decades, Pakistan recently received a batch of 67 self-propelled artillery guns from the US using War against Terror funds granted by Washington.

Latest United Nations data reveal that delivery of the M-109 A5 self-propelled artillery guns took place last year. The guns were transferred under the US Foreign Military Financing (FMF) programme that was granted to Pakistan for the fight against militant groups on its border with Afghanistan.

Experts say these M-109 A5 155 mm howitzers give Pakistan a definite conventional edge over the Indian Army that is years away from induction of similar systems. The most modern guns in the Indian Army are the Bofors that were procured in the 1980s.

“While the Indian Army modernisation is getting nowhere, Pakistan is steadily modernising not only its artillery but other arms and services as well. This will lead to erosion in India’s conventional superiority if not checked immediately,” said Brigadier Gurmeet Kanwal, a former artillery officer, who heads the Army’s think tank, Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS).

In the Nineties, the Indian Army had put forward a requirement for guns similar to the ones that Pakistan has now got. While the plan took off in 1999, it got scrapped after eight years of trials after South African firm Denel was blacklisted by the government. Israel’s Soltham and Singapore Technologies, the other artillery giants, have also been blacklisted by the government


am i suppose to laugh at this, this is so untrue, indian armed forces are without any doubt way ahead of pakistani armed forces, yes it would be better if you mention china's superiorty over india becuase that is one county that we need to catch up with, pakistan is history and you can see there domestic problems all over the place. :) Sooner we will see birth of new countries in Asia and India will certainly play its role.

deluded indian alert. Indian army lacks good artillary!!

yes, we will see new counries in asia, chinese already purposed the division

the article was originally published in indianexpress

Actually pakistan had good artillery right from the beginning, india still does not have self propelled howitzers while pakistan had it way back in early 70's from usa(M110). fire finding radars from usa in early 80's india recently acquired it.

"...indian armed forces are without any doubt way ahead of pakistani armed forces, ..." Fools like this Indian dude live on dreams having no touch with reality. It would have been better if this chap could have given some information comparing the guns and their capabilities on the two sides. No one believes in empty claims and mere boasting.

Pakistan has 320 M109A5-155MM Mechanized 52 calabre guns
Pakistan has ordered or recieved 96rpt 96 Chinese 155mm 52 calabre Truck mounted howitzers.
Pakistan has around 120+80 200 M198/155mm howitzwes These are American 39 calabre wepons recieved in 80,s

Pakistan has I rpt 12 155/52 calabre Towed Turkish guns these are
17ton guns like the BOFORS but Range is more than 40KMs .It seems as Pakistan will produce this sort of Gun in Heavy Gun Factory.

Further more pakistan has Mechinzed 40 in number 203mm M115 guns 203-calabre fires about 200 lb shell

Pakistan has 40in number odd 203 MM guns These are towed this is the largest round in use nowadays

Pakistan has 40 Long Toms 155 MM guns they are 2nd world war stock but in very good condition s range 25000 yards.

Pakistan has 60+60 155/114 guns havig range 16Kms.

Pakistan has A-100 HEAVY MBLRS system This system is equilent to Russian 300MM smesch which the Indian have. Pakistan has them in numbers Range 120 KMS.

This is the tip of the iceberg.

Having all this it is the gunner & not the system which counts

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