Saturday, August 22, 2009

Naval vessel rammed and sunk a fishing boat in the sea off Chennai

A naval vessel has rammed and sunk a fishing boat in the sea off Chennai, critically injuring a fisherman and wounding his four mates. Worse still, the officers on board agreed to pick up the fishermen from the waters and reach them to the shore for medical help only after obtaining a written assurance that they would not report the mishap to the police. The Navy men even paid Rs 20,000 for the fishermen’s silence.

According to one of the injured fishermen Rathnavel (49), they had anchored their mechanised fishing boat (TN-02-FRB-152) some 18 nautical miles off the Kasimedu fishing harbour and were waiting after casting the net. Around 11.30 am on Thursday, the fishermen sighted the huge naval ship sailing in their direction.


Is this a joke? No such written assurance has any legal sanctity in the court of law.

How convenient for navy personnel to be carrying Rs 20,000 cash around while they were deployed on their ship.
Stupid DDM, yellow journalism. The incident is sad as it is, with one life lost and others injured and livelihoods lost, without someone cooking up funny stories of money being paid in deep seas and signatures being taken.

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