Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hello Asian Defence,
Kindly reply or comment.
I would like to know what are the changes for Pakistan to get the drone technology (UAV or UCAV) from US. How will India respond to this, if US provides the tech to Pakistan?
Thank you.

we should see how we respond to

indian defense deals being made

around the clock, now israelis

are in indian defence deals too

besides russian, french and US

Tribal belt of Pakistan where PA is fighting against the Taliban is one of the most difficult for a war zone. Taliban have dig up tunnels and are able taking advantages of mountainous terrain to fight their war. UAVs of PAF and PA are already being used for identification and target designation for LGBs. PA is requesting the armed UAVs to target them. Now even if USA agrees to provide them with such capability that would be limited in nature to have any significant effect on the lndo-Pak conflict. Both india and Pakistan have plans to have their own Attack UAV/ UCAV in next decade and have local programs and will be importing them from abroad.

Yeah, India will surely keep importing them. Their attempt to produce a drone of their own is colossal failure. American may very well be seeing the reason to give drone technology to Pakistan. American drones bombing Pakistani territory and killing mostly innocents (kids, women, and other non-combatants) can not go for ever. How India will react to any such transfer? Who actually cares about that? Hindus are always crying habitually. It’s their second nature.

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