Wednesday, August 26, 2009

HAVELSAN Artillery Forward Observer Training Simulators for Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army is inducting 10 units of artillery simulator systems made by HAVELSAN of Turkey. The simulator provides forward observers and fire management personnel with required training which makes them capable to use artillery fire power in desired place and time.


Offers different land images, with fixed and moving targets, constituting scenarios, target determination and making fire request. Creating real battle environment with image and sound effects. Having used every caliber mortar and compositions of bullets and fuses; their effects on target have been investigated.

--To form scenarios with static and moving targets on various land views

--To create a working environment in real battle conditions with image and sound effects

--To use artillery weapons in every diameter and various bullet /stopper combinations

--To learn Target Assesmnet, Fire Request, organization and management of firings

Facilities and Capabilities:

• Various land/terrain on an image, create scenarios with fixed and moving targets,
• Observer of the target detection training,
• Fire requests, training,
• Fire arrangement and management training,
• Forward Observer and Fire Administration to improve coordination between Center staff,
• using a combination of targets to the impact of surveillance,

Technical Specifications:

• Laser Distance Measuring device has been simulated,
• binoculars to be simulated,
• Fire Accounts and simulation of the impact of environmental conditions,
• Visual and audio effects and a realistic combat environment in the field,
• Customizable 3-D synthetic training lands,
• High resolution DTED / satellite images and 3D models,
• Target on the calculation of the effects of weapons and ammunition,
time, training costs and savings from the arsenal was developed and designed for this purpose


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