Thursday, August 27, 2009

Russia’s newest Dozor-600 UAV at MAKS-2009

At the MAKS-2009, Russia has displayed the full-sized mock-up of a new UAV “Dozor-3 “(now renamed “Dozor-600“, in accordance with a maximum takeoff weight). According to the information, Dozor-3 is a medium-altitude UAV long endurance UAV. Information about Dozor-600 / Dozor-3 UAV was first presented in 2008 and UAV is schedule to fly in 2010 for the first time.

Multi-Purpose Unmanned aerial vehicle is designed to search, locate and identify targets, located at a considerable distance from the launch point of the vehicle. Dozor-600 will be able to provide pictures and video of the target in real time. These tasks it can perform day and night, in simple and adverse weather conditions. It will be capable of patrolling the land and maritime boundaries, conducting aerial photography and remote sensing, and remote monitoring of extended infrastructure facilities, ice reconnaissance, and surveillance of protected sites.

Dozor-600 UAV has a-power plant at the rear with a V-Shape Tail. The fuselage consists of three main parts. Sensors, flight control and navigation systems and parachute system in front, fuel tank in the middle and power plant at the end. To ensure easy transportation and storage (in a special container on the trailer) wing and tail surfaces are made removable. It will take Dozor-600 only 60 minutes to re-assemble and prepare for the take-off.

It will carry three types of payload: synthetic aperture radar, optical and thermal imaging for video and high-resolution camera with interchangeable lenses for pictures. It will be capable of sending the information to ground station in real-time and with a backup storage on board. It can be piloted manually by an operator or it can fly autonomously (by programming it to fly in an area through 250 reference points, accuracy of navigation is 15-30m) or combined (autonomous and manual) modes. It is said that it might be equipped for the strike operations. Larger versions Dozor-4 and Dozor-5 will also be produce in future.


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