Friday, August 21, 2009

Pakistan to get USS McInerney frigate next year

United States will transfer USS McInerney frigate to Pakistan Navy following decommissioning from the U.S. Navy next year. The 30-year-old frigate, put on Navy's inactivation list last month, will fly flag of Pakistan after retirement. Under U.S. Navy's Ship Transfer Program & through International Programs Office (IPO), which brokers deals through its foreign military sales department, Navy manages sales, transfers of decommissioned U.S. Navy ships to friendly foreign states as they can still help improve capability of friendly navies.

Pakistan can be granted U.S. ships no longer in commission. Any needed repairs or alterations are paid for with foreign military aid provided by the U.S. Recipients of aid money must buy American. Once transferred to Pakistan, the ship will join Combined Task Force 151, multinational force aimed at fighting piracy in the troubled waters of Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea & Indian Ocean. The cost for refurbishments onboard the McInerney, which includes anti-submarine missile defenses and other weapons systems, is set at $65 million, according to media reports.


For how long will this type serve PN?

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