Saturday, August 22, 2009

India plans for dedicated telecom network for its armed forces

In a significant national security-related development, the government is moving to build a $2 billion or Rs 9,970.16 crore dedicated, highly secure and state-of-the-art optical fiber cable (OFC) network for the Army, Navy and Air Force. This will be one of the world’s largest, closed user group (CUG) networks for exclusive use by the million-plus personnel of the Indian armed forces. This project was earlier seen as a precondition to vacation of valuable 3G spectrum — used by the defence forces for their weapon and radar systems. But the real strategic need and growing urgency to fast-track the network is closely aligned to India’s ambitions to rapidly build an impregnable communications network for its armed forces.

The Department of Telecom (DoT) has been asked to prepare a note for the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) for getting financial approvals for this network. The first step in that direction is an approval from the full Telecom Commission, which is meeting on August 28. The TC comprises the secretaries of DoT, Planning Commission, ministry of external affairs, department of information technology and DIPP. Approval has been sought for Rs 8,893 crore to build an OFC network for Army and Navy from DoT budget, and for transferring the assets created to the defence ministry after completion.

The government has already approved Rs 1,077.16 crore to build Air Force leg of the project.This network will prove gainful for PSU firms BSNL and MTNL who have been tasked with building it. In exchange for this network, the defence forces will release 25 MHz of pan-India spectrum.


India Plans or planned a dedicated network for its armed forces.

This looks good on paper but as per Indian track record it may take a couple of years not less than 20 to finish this sort of projet.

After all USD 02 Bilion are being milked from the Indian nation when the existing system is perfectly in working order.
Only scare of China is created.

Chinese are sensable people they are peace loving and all of you know they will not attack India.
they consider india as their consumer market.

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