Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pakistan Air Force Mirage fighter jet has crashed

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Mirage fighter jet has crashed in district Chakwal on Wednesday. According to PAF spokesman, pilot has been ejected safely and no damage has been reported on the ground. The crash happened due to technical fault, he added.

 PAF is looking to replace its old Dassault Mirage III/Mirage V aircraft with JF-17. Pakistan has started production of the JF-17 Thunder. The first batch of 50 JF-17 Thunder aircrafts will be equipped with the Chinese and Pakistani avionics and weapons, while the second batch aircraft will be equipped with more advanced radars and missiles. France has offered Pakistan its RDY-3 radar and MBDA MICA missile for the aircraft.

However, due to changing air defense environment in region, PAF is more inclined towards AESA radar option and Long range BVRAAM for its JF-17 Thunder will replace Dassault Mirage III/Mirage V and serve as PAF back bone in years to come.


What western AESA or BVRAAM could be equipped on the JF-17? I can't think of any! That leaves only a Chinese option, but the Chinese haven't developed an AESA radar yet so these proposed upgrades will not come for a long time.

@Anon December 16, 2009 7:52 PM
Who told you to put so much pressure on your brain? It's no one else's fault if you can not think of any Western AESA or BVRAAM that can be fit on JF-17. EAting a lot of almonds may help you, dear.

@Anon December 16, 2009 7:52 PM

Wikipedia is your friend, use it.

Also, China has already shown it could mass produce T/R modules for AESA radars (multiple KJ-2000's, KJ-200's, the 052C class ships), so it's only a matter of time before they are able to make a fighter AESA radar, which is X band rather than L band, but from what I know the principle remains the same.

Your statement that "the chinese haven't developed an AESA radar yet" shows exactly how much detail you know about the Chinese weapons industry.

And the J-10B's nose suggests they are equipping an AESA on it - it may take a few years to get an AESA on the JF-17, but certainly not for as long as you may think.

Also the article never said "Western AESA radar and Long range BVRAAM,' the BVRAAM could be the chinese SD-10/PL-12, or the underdevelopment ramjet - meteor like missile. The AESA radar could be chinese or western.

Adding to what Eric Z has already said

In Ideas 2008 defense Expo in Karachi Pakistan, Pakistan Air Force was approached by AESA radar makers with assurances that PAF will be able to choose and integrate freely what ever BVRAAM it chooses. MBDA Meteor and MICA BVRAAM missile were also offered to PAF.

current batch of JF-17 will use the Chinese SD-10/PL-12 BVRAAM.

No 14 Research Institute / Nanjing Research Institute of Electronic Technology (NRIET) which defeated the SELEX (Galileo Avionica) and is providing the KLJ radar for current batch of JF-17 Thunder is also developing AESA radar to satisfy its customer.

Selex has alrady offered Pakistan the AESA radar which can be used with a wide variety of western/chinease BVRAAM.

Meteor is a BVRAAM but still far from being on the market, even for its European customers. MICA is not a BVRAAM and it is very doubtful that it is offered for JF-17 (rumors, rumors, ....). As far as AESA radars are concerned, there is many possible offers on the market now, from everywhere.
But would the Paks have enough money for this kind of high-tech equipment ?

Ahemdullilah..What a pathetic state of the PAF.

These were the same planes used to target us Yousufjai Pathans, death to Pakistan Air force.

The last idiot Mr. Hamid Pathan is definately an Indian posing as a Pakistani! Replacing the 'z' with the 'j' in Yousuf(j)ai is a dead giveaway. Yousufzai tribe's contribution to Pakistan's defense in terms of it brave sons is immense and none of them would ever talk about Pakistan Airforce in this manner, since a great many of my Yusufzai friends are pilots in the PAF and proud of it too! Get a life moron!

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