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Pakistan's navy interested in Chinese submarines and advance naval ships

The chief of Pakistan's naval staff Noman Bashir said he looks forward to see more cooperation in the submarine field between China and his country yesterday during a press interview in the Pakistani embassy in Beijing. The visiting navy chief already met with Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie in Beijing on Friday last week, according to Xinhua News Agency.

In addition to submarines, the admiral told China Daily yesterday that he has talked to Chinese officials buying bigger ships than the current F22P frigates. Pakistan ordered the F22P frigates from China in 2005 and the first one began sea trials last year. According an earlier story on the website of the People's Daily, Pakistan ordered four more F22P frigates in 2007, which means there will eventually be eight such warships in the Pakistani Navy

"The F22P frigate is about 3,000 tons, and now we are talking about 4,000-ton ships. .These are very big projects and we think the cooperation is important for both countries, especially Pakistan." Bashir highly praised the Chinese military technology, saying he's happy to say that China is keeping pace with the changing world and efficiently adopting new technologies.

He said the warships are of the latest technology, and have the all-round capability to target surface ships, aircraft and submarine. "The F22P frigate can be deployed to complete multitasks. The ship is balanced for offense and defense, and can be used in both peace and war time, if there is a war." The first of the four F22P frigates ordered by Pakistan was delivered in July this year and is already in service.

The admiral stressed that this was his third visit to China this year because Pakistan attaches great importance to its cooperation with China not only on naval matters but in other fields. He said the F22P and JF-17 Thunder fighter plane are the two major projects in addition to other projects including development of ammunition, design, equipment and weapons.

The admiral said his country plans to buy more weapons from China in the future, such as bigger ships and missiles.Zhai Dequan, deputy director of China Arms Control and Disarmament Association said that Pakistan's proposal in submarine cooperation is likely aimed at its sea border protection.

"The initiative may invite concerns from its neighboring countries. But the doubts are unnecessary." Zhai said it is normal for an independent country such as Pakistan to actively seek military defense, and meanwhile India also has large projects with the US and Russia. "India's aircraft carrier has already cost it billions of US dollars." He added.

China Daily


Pak seems to sending lots of money China's way.
China is quite notorious for bribing important people to score big contracts.

China actually has helped Pakistan extensively in the defence field, giving it low cost loans or simply writing them off. Given Pakistan's economic condition, it does not have the hard currency to buy Western equipment. However, it is good they are getting this technology from China and expanding their industrial base. I am more of the optimist and know Pakistan's economy will improve over time.

@ Norman

Really? I thought that China's deals with Pakistan mostly were on delayed pay - the PRC's not making Pakistan pay immediately.
And give a few examples of China bribing important people to score big contracts that justify it as notorious?


I wonder what frigates the defence guy is talking about - he says 4000tons displacement - would that indicate the 054? Or the 054A? (The 054 would offer only a marginal improvement over the F-22P, where as the 054A offers the HQ-16, a medium range SAM which is probably more capable than anything the IN currently fields in it's ships)

If it's the 054A then it must mean the PRC has a newer frigate under development, it usually doesn't sell top of the line equipment.

Or is this 4000 ton frigate a 054/054A mod like how the F-22P is a modification of the 053H3....

Norman said...
Pak seems to sending lots of money China's way.
China is quite notorious for bribing important people to score big contracts

If so, China would become the largest supplier to India army.

All this talk of Chinese companies bribing Pak officials to sell their military systems or that China is making good money by selling these systems to Pakistan is rubbish to say the least. First, China has proved to be a strategic friend and a very reliable supplier of modern h/w at a very reasonable cost to Pakistan. It offers gradual tech transfer and co-production of many of these major systems that really helps Pakistan enhance its capabilities. While it is true that China offers soft loans for the purchase, which makes things easier for Pakistan, but even if Pakistan had abundant money, the acquisition of Western systems was still a bad idea because strategic reasons. Moreover, their stringent conditions and other strings attached with their deals have generated a very strong resentment among Pakistanis. On the other hand, Pakistan’s stability is of paramount importance for China. The fruitful partnership between the two neighboring countries is playing a crucial role for stability in this region.

pakistan cannot do without china we do not have enough forigen currency , it was better if we were economy power insted of just taking what we get,but for sure china has some lot of benfit from us but dont know what exactly, but hope its not using us

i believe its going to be 054A, because by the time they finally get into a deal 054 would be nearly obsolete for any country in the world (054 is still thought to be obsolete).

frankly i believe pakistan is still not giving the kind of attention it should give to its navy. they should immediately add to its arsenal by at least 4 more of F22Ps (which according to some sources is the case too) in addition to 3 to 5 of 054As. They should also really look into the 3 u214s and chinese submarines (4 to 6) with more orions and aircrafts. i heard pakistan navy plans to substantially increase its fleet by 2019 under AFDP with increase in its marine force too. that is must for pakistans defence. this is one area is still think pakistan is weak with and should really really look into.

pak navy is not weak!!!! if u think pak navy is under equipped then u r wrong!!!! Pak navy has to take care of 800 Km of coastal area for which it has sufficient equipment
secondly u dont induct everything just like that u analyze equipment and then enter then u have to look for the budget can i support these equipment on that level we are better equipped!!!!! even better then the indians!!!!!
its on the basis of facts

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