Friday, December 25, 2009

Tests of Russian Fifth Generation Fighter PAK-FA Begin at KnAAPO Airfield

The Russian future fifth generation future fighter, the future tactical aircraft aviation complex (PAK FA) , has made its first taxi runs at the Komsomol'sk-on-Amur Aviation Production Association (KnAAPO) airfield, Interfax reports referring to a source in the aircraft industry. When in particular the airplane's roll out took place and its tests began is not being specified.

After the roll-out, the airman started the engines and the airplane began moving along the runway. During the taxi run, the PAK FA was braked several times. Two taxi runs were made in all. Only KnAAPO employees observed the test. As is expected, the PAK FA will make several more taxi runs before the end of 2009, and make first flight in January 2010.

Earlier Russia's vice premier, Sergey Ivanov, announced that the tests of the Russian fifth generation fighter will begin at the end of 2009 - start of 2010. The deputy defense minister, Vladimir Popovkin, announced in mid-September 2009, that the PAK FA, also known as the T-50 and "Article 701," will begin to reach the Russian air force inventory from 2015.

Russia's defense ministry plans to begin PAK FA purchases after a contract has been fulfilled for the delivery of 48 generation "4++" Su-35 fighters. Russia's air force will receive the first Su-35s in 2011, and the contract for delivery will be fulfilled completely by 2015. Nothing is yet known about the quantity of PAK FA the defense ministry intends to buy.

The technical characteristics of the future Russian fighter have not been reported officially. Preliminarily, the PAK FA will be able to develop a speed to 2,100 kilometers per hour. The airplane's flight range will be 5,500 kilometers. The airplane's armament may be represented by a 30-milimeter cannon. The PAK FA will have 16 hardpoints, including 8 located inside the fuselage.


Where are the pictures? Cmon lads!!

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