Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Turkey to start production of Air Defense Radar

Turkish National Defense Ministry and ASELSAN struck a deal worth of $71 m on Air Defense Radar, KALKAN, purchase, state TV said. ASELSAN, introducing its 100% domestic production of Air Defense Radar, will begin the mass production of KALKAN, TRT said.

With its high quality specifications, ASELSAN's KALKAN -shield in English- has been designed, produced and tested by 100% domestic means, the report said. Following a series of laboratory and field tests the machine made it to the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces.

With its high-tech antenna, improved hardware and signal processing infrastructure the radar can make a 3-D search and detection of all kinds of air targets like helicopters, planes, drones, and missiles. KALKAN makes an automatic classification of the data it recieves and refers them to the command control systems. Thanks to the KALKAN project, ASELSAN earned the experience and infrastructure to develop land, air, and naval radars for all kinds of ranges and tasks.


Turkey has done an stupid job by breaking up relations with Israel. This AD Radar is a toy as compared to Elta's 'Green Pine'-radar.

Turkey haven’t broken any relationship with Israel, they just demanded what was their right under the contract just like Australia did the same thing with Boeing USA by asking for compensation for delayed (in turkey’s case degraded performance)

Both radar belong to different categories

Israel also made small radars before moving on to big ones ...Turkey will also make bigger and better radsrs...this is just a start

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