Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pakistan has now an eye in the sky (Saab-2000 ERIEYE AWE&C )

With the delivery of Sweden’s SAAB AWE&C aircraft Pakistan has gained the capability of having an eye in the sky and advance monitoring system. A formal ceremony on Tuesday will be held to be attended by PAF Chief Air Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman.

Early this month PAF received first of its four Saab 2000 Airborne Early Warning & Control aircraft from Sweden. According to an official media release the aircraft landed at one of the PAF’s Main Operating Bases, marking achievement of a major milestone in the overall modernization plan of PAF.

With the induction of Swedish AEW&C system, PAF has become one of the few air forces in the world to have Airborne Early Warning capability. Saab 2000 Airborne Early Warning & Control aircraft PAF has boosted its operational capability manifold by achieving requisite early warning for efficient & meaningful Air Defence of its airspace.

According to defence experts Saab 2000 AEW&C is an affordable Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft and key element is the Erieye active phased array side looking surveillance radar which features a detection range of up to 300 km for fighter-sized airborne targets and maritime surveillance mode.

The government of Pakistan and Saab first announced the successful completion of negotiations on June 22, 2006, with the resulting contract, worth approximately SEK 6.9 billion, entering into effect in the second quarter of 2006.

Defence experts say that the ERIEYE AEW&C is the world’s only operational airborne Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar in service today. The Saab 2000 ERIEYE AEW&C utilises the latest generation ERIEYE radar, now capable of detecting small air targets, hovering helicopters, cruise missiles and small sea targets such as inflatable rubber boats, for a more complete surveillance picture.

ERIEYE is the first high-performance, long-range Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) system based on active phased-array pulse-Doppler radar.

This new-generation system can be installed in a variety of commercial and military aircraft, including regional jet or turboprop airliners. It meets full AEW&C requirements for detecting and tracking targets at ranges of up to 450 km over land or water. ERIEYE is part of a complete AEW&C system, including radar with integrated Secondary Surveillance Radar / Identification Friend or Foe (SSR/IFF), electronic support measures, communications and data links, comprehensive command-and-control facilities and self-protection system.

The ERIEYE radar, with its fixed electronically scanned antenna and use of adaptive radar control techniques, has superior resolution accuracy. When compared to traditional rotodome-based solutions, it provides enhanced detection and tracking performance, including the active simultaneous tracking of multiple targets. In addition, the radar offers significantly improved resistance to Electronic Counter Measures (ECM).

The state-of-the-art command-and-control system gives the on-board mission-system crew full capability for AEW&C roles as well as maximum flexibility for other peacetime and war missions. ERIEYE is fully interoperable with and easily integrated into NATO Air Defence Command Systems.

The Saab 2000 AEW&C airborne early warning and control aircraft is a variant of the Saab 2000 regional transport turboprop aircraft equipped with the spine-mounted Saab Systems Erieye PS-890 side-looking reconnaissance radar.

The first customer for the Saab 2000 AEW&C, the Pakistan Fiza’ya (the Pakistan Air Force), placed the order on Saab, based in Stockholm, in June 2006. The first of five aircraft was rolled out in April 2008 and is scheduled to enter service in 2009. Thailand announced the selection of the Saab 2000 AEW&C in June 2007.

The aircraft, fully equipped for airborne early warning and control, can also be used for national security missions, border control, airborne command and control, disaster management coordination and for emergency air traffic control.“The Saab 2000 airborne early warning and control aircraft is a variant of the Saab 2000 regional transport turboprop aircraft.”

The Erieye radar has an instrumental range of 450 km and detection range of 350 km against a fighter aircraft sized target in dense hostile electronic warfare environments and at low target altitudes. The system is capable of tracking multiple air and sea target over the horizon and provides above 20 km altitude coverage, 360° coverage and has sea surveillance capability.

The radar incorporates an identification friend or foe interrogator. The system comprises an active phased array pulse Doppler radar with a secondary surveillance radar.The fixed dual sided electronically scanned antenna array is installed in a rectangular housing, dorsally mounted above the fuselage.

The aircraft’s electronic warfare suite is based on the Saab Avitronics HES-21 electronic support measures (ESM) and self-protection suite. The HES-21 also provides a ground-based support system (EGSS), which provides mission data for the aircraft electronic warfare system and for analysis of recorded data.


I hope that Pakistan can buy enough bubble-wrap to keep it safe from the Indian cross-wire.

What a waste of money.

Congrats to all pakistanis freinds but it does not provide extensive coverage as IAF Phalcon AWACS.....ERIEYE has fixed structure(360 degree coverage is not allowed, even chinese AWACS can scan upto 240 degree) whereas PHALCON has rotating rotordome allowing it to scan in 360 degree and it is at par with other AWACS i mean comparable to US Sentry AWACS, that`s why Israel took clearance fom US before delivering it to IAF, moreover US cleared HawkEYE E-2D(currently going flight tests) from NorthRop Grumman next generation AWACS to India, as US Navy and India will be their first customers

This is a good force multiplier. However, I would be concerned for both parties be it a Phalcon or an Erieye aircrew. Pakistan is interested in getting the HQ9A SAM and India the S-300/400.

Both of these are long range SAMs and can interfere or shoot down these planes, from either side of the border.

I also believe Pakistan should have bought the Embraer jet based version of the Erieye and fitted inflight refueling to it.

The Chinese AWACs Pakistan is buying have radar antennas on the front nose and back section of the plane in addition to the fixed structure to give them full 360 degree coverage. They are also larger than the ERIEYE.

welldone its good and timely decision against cheap and jelous indian enemies

pakistan is not palestine or

run by palestinians, we have highly

capable defense establishment

we know whats good for us

I see Indians babbling here as usual. PAF's did not buy the AWACS just like that. The search started somewhere in 80's and it should be of no surprise that not many countries in the world offer Pakistan their weapon systems, reason being America and Israel blocking the sales and indian raising kiddish hue and cry every now and then. This system is a result of extensive research to fulfill PAF's needs. So what if usa and israel and russia and france and everyone is willing to give india everything. Saab is there in the competition. And its a pretty good system - one of the best.

And it provides 300 degree coverage. AWACS aircrafts fly randomly to shift directions and make sure they have 360 degree coverage anyway.

It will be augmented with the KJ200 awacs. Great going.

By the way i noticed them writing SAAD instead of SAAB on pics, LOL. I wonder whos the fool doing that.

Great accomplishment for Pakistan.

Bought with the change in their beggar bowls.

I don't know how the Pakis are going to sustain this weapon. They live of Welfare for gods sake !

I guess the Pakis have mastered protitution.

Lets hope these AEW's can protect the hundreds of Pakis being blown up inside their MAdrassas and Mosques from American Predator Drones.

Joke of the century, Beggars have AEW'C hahahahahah

Inner scare is not letting Indians have a good sleep. With the largest pool of sub-Saharan poverty stricken homeless population, Indians are making their usual but useless hue and cry for Pakistan being able to get this one of the best AWACS systems in the world. While rotary rotordome on the Israeli made Indian Phalcon plane can potentially offers 360 degree coverage, it lags behind in quality. There is no apparent make up for that. Pakistan, on the other hand, can easily get around the problem of less than 360 degree coverage by Erieye. For example, if there are two or more of these Pakistani planes in the air, 360 degree coverage is no problem at all.

Some Indians are trying to get consolation by claiming that lesser geographic depth makes these Pakistani planes vulnerable to Indian missile attack. First, such planes have more than adequate built-in protection against missile attacks. But more importantly, given the limited covering range of such systems, both Erieye and Phalcon, these planes will be forced to operate in close proximity of the border for an effective use against the other side. Due to that reason, Phalcon is no safer against Pakistani missile attacks. In other words, the greater Indian geographic depth is of no use as for as their Phalcon planes are concerned. Given better Pakistani missile technology, however, Indian Phalcons are at greater risk.

S-100 had a coverage area of around 120deg i.e. total coverage 240 deg coverage

EMB-145 had it increased to 150 deg i.e. total coverage of 300deg

Saab-2000 had it increased to 160deg i.e. total coverage of 320 deg

Any radar coverage beyond 320 deg (20 deg at front and 20 deg at back) have degraded capability to detect the aircrafts

As per Jane's Avionics ( again information is about the older versions of Erieye AEW&C)

It is understood that Erieye has some ability to detect aircraft in the 30° sectors fore and aft of the aircraft heading, but has no track capability in this sector.

India has higher food inflation then Pakistan and in the whole developing world in late 2009, maybe India should also spend less on defence too and spend more on agriculture.

Pakistan has nukes does not need to match every system Indian foriegn purchases,

This goes for indians: For Gods sake, stop burning your bottoms. How are you going to afford acquiring a 100 billion $ of weaponry from all over the world, God knows where, when 50% of your population lives under 1$ a day and 75% under 2$ a day. With corruption rates touching skies, pollution and health issues sky rocketing, do you really think you have the kind of tongue to say all that? Have you forgot or did your media not report it that 1 month back India received a gigantic loan. Would i stun you if i told you indian is the biggest foreign funded nation as in receiver of biggest aids and loans in south asia? If you have some kind of shame, stop begging for weapons from all over the world and make some of your own junk working. Wherever you go, you start begging for weapons to kill humanity and wage wars on your neighbors and you think you can tell a country like Pakistan something which is in much better shape even now than you. Making few individuals billionaires and conserving the wealths and monies to few people does not solve the issues of nations and that's nothing to be proud of.

Why do you think PAF can't afford this system? Is it a Russian mig that needs severe maintenance or what? Its not. These things do not require heavy maintenance and in case you forgot PAF flies one of the biggest and most intimidating fleets of the world today with F-16s, C130s, refuellers, VIP transports etc. This is just a pleasant addition. Please use some pate before opening your thing called mouths cuz its irritatingly idiotic to see you idiots talking without knowing crap about things.

We will bring down your Phalcons you will see. The Saab 2000 is a very agile aircraft when compared to IL78 you have used for Phalcons, it is capable of making dives and sharp maneuvers. PAF will bring down your Phalcons just like that. Infact, it would be surprising that indian armed forces could not guarantee success incase war broke out with Pakistan last December and thus advised the indian gov to refrain from waging a war. It was before Pakistan had any kind of such advanced systems. How do you think you'll be spanked now?

Wow The Beggar PAkis are talking about Indians recieving AID?

Show me who sends aid to India ?

Secondly, Per Capita Income in India is 400 Dollars Higher Than Pakistan in PPP.

This Already proves Indians live a better life than these beggar Pakis.

Now You Talk about the poverty in India !! Indias Poverty is decreasing by 200 Million Each Year. 80 Million added to its middle class each year.

Don't quote Indian Media stats, as they are only to force the gov't to take action. Quote the WB, IMF and HDI.

India beats Beggar Pakis in all feilds Including HDI.

Also The Inbred Pakis keep resorting to their ISlamic Tactics of Lies, to convey a Message that India Beggs for Weapons?

Last I heard, the world largest weapons producers are fighting wars in competitions to gain orders from India.

Every Country wants a JV with India, and wants to Partner with the Indians.

Beggar Pakis can't ever realize, their country is the laighing stock of the world.

The Pakis begg and recive 100,000 BBL of oil from the saudis daily.

The Pakis get on their neez and begg for Kerry Kugar Bill from the U.S

The Pakis Begg the Japanese for Aid.

The Pakis still can't stop the American from Firing Missles and killing their Inbred Citizens in Warzistan.

BAHAHAH Bugger off Pakis. Go wait for your 72 virgins

Next these Pakis will say they don't begg the Americans, Or they don't sell their cocaroach citizeens as target practice to American Drones.

These Pakis will next say, Pakistan has a Higher Percapita income than Indians.

Just go look under PPP Per capita income in wikpedia, your favourite source site.

Saab eryie is a useless garbage radar, and can't compete with the Berive A5-, Phalcon, e-3, or even KJ2000.

Paks can only buy crappy saabs, because the rest of the world, looks at Pakistan for what it really is, Which is a Inbred Terrorist Third World, CHild Raping NATION.

Now screw off, Im guna go watch some videos where Hell Fire Missles blow the shit up of the Local Maddrasas in Pakistan.

Courtesy of the U.S Army

hey no13/14
hahahahah very rightly said we are beggers hahahahahah.....
but tell me why u start shouting when pakistan gets military aid from america yes they give us aide because they know Pakistan is a strong ally..... and the only country which can them out of the situation!!!!! its very easy to sit in india and say we are ready to take on taliban huh!!!!! couldnt control a few mwn how will u control the whole of taliban!!!!!
Paks can only buy crappy saabs, because the rest of the world, looks at Pakistan for what it really is, Which is a Inbred Terrorist Third World, CHild Raping NATION.
wow dude u is showing intersts in SAAB JAS 39 gripen!!!!! and iam sure pakistanis raped u and ur siblings and ur whole family when all of u were children!!!!
Now screw off, Im guna go watch some videos where Hell Fire Missles blow the shit up of the Local Maddrasas in Pakistan.

Courtesy of the U.S Army
hahah iam also going to watch ajmal kasab fucking mumbai for many hours
courtesy the international media!!!
fornication under the consent of the king u

You indians seem to not want to look at your problems. Corruption, caste system, etc. Pakistan has done a better job producing tanks, planes, etc. Please look at the LCA, Arjun, etc. True Pakistan has issues with its economy. That unfortuantely has to do with the corrupt government it has and has had over the years. India has the highest number of HIV cases, diabetes, etc. Please look under you own hood, before you try to dictate morality.

lol, India is first world and pakistan is third world. Does that make you feel better.

it is nightmare for slave and bigger beggers coward indians who cares let them be jelous they are good for nothing except big mouths

feels like kids are writing on ur blog asian defence

Dear All, let's kindly please refrain from personal attacks on India/Pakistan. Remember this is a discussion forum on defence related issues. Let's be civil with each other and put religious and social difference aside.

I am curious as to why Pakistan chose the SAAB 2000 over the Embraer 145. I know the PAF mentioned that they were not happy with the Embraer 145 in hot and high conditions. However, Brazil and Mexico have these types of weather condition and bought the ERIEYE on the Embraer 145 platform. Also India has (is?) purchased the Embraer 145 jet for its home grown AWACS. Also the SAAB 2000 does not have inflight refueling that can limit its loiter capability.

Have a happy new year!

welll.. i always wonder abot pakistanis bluber abot indian poverty nd so so.... hav u all got any idea wer pakistan stands ... i mean , gv me a brk.... a country wth most lower education rate among muslim countries.. nd named as most dangerous part of the world,... hw pathetic is tat u pakis find error wth Indians... i dnt get it... y is ur mouth shut wen USA do teir job in ur soil wthout an aproval frm u.. search pakistan in google... ter u wud find truth.yes search India too... nd find the diffrns....

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